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PostGame Thread Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

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A win is a win, was it pretty, no, but now we're back to 1-1. Our offense has to play better, especially in the red zone, but I think we'll improve as the year goes on.

Bill against a rookie qb is just unfair!!!!! Our Defense was great today...JC, Uche, Barmore, J Jones, J. Williams just to name a few....

Hopefully we get Trent Brown back next week. Mac Jones with his 1st of hopefully many wins as a Patriot!!!

Great rushing TD by Harris today as well.

Feels great to get our first win of the season!!!!

Let's discuss!!!!

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Mac's first win.



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1. Damien Harris is a beast.
2. 4 INTs by Wilson. Welcome to the NFL.
3. Mac continues to impress but had 3 sacks in the first half. Someone clearly said to stop putting the kid in harm's way at halftime.
4. Red zone woes have continued for 3 straight years. This team has an oc who is a one trick pony. The number of times the play by play said "Shotgun M.Jones" is sickening and moronic given we have 2 good tight ends to play a ton of 12 personnel under-center. But nope we do spread shotgun, no matter what.
5. The RT situation is terrible and must be fixed ASAP. Durant and Herron suck. Karras can play LG. Move Onwenu to tackle.
6. Defensive line continues to not be stout in short yardage. Godchaux is not the answer. Bentley sucks too, his stats are misleading. Barmore is a pass rushing DT. The team still needs a bonafide fat guy NT.
7. Philips is one of the best defenders on the team. I would give him ALL of Bentley's snaps.
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Took the sting out of the loss last week a little bit . We need to take some shots in the end zone.
I am happy with the W, defense was great today forcing 4 TO's.
No injuries, on to the Saints !!


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Nice win! Really enjoyed the defensive effort, even it is vs the Jets.

Offense wasn't very productive, but they did enough. I believe that they used limited playbook. No need to show all the cards, when the game is won.


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Biggest takeaways,

we have the right guy at QB. He wasn’t asked to do too much in this game and that’s understandable

defense played terrific after a crappy game in week 1.

on to New Orleans and crab legs Winston