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Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

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Nice to end the season on a positive note. Good game by Sony, nice to see my binkie Asasi score a TD...he is going to be a good player. Always good to
beat the Jets. Disappointing season but I think we have some good building blocks going forward.

Let's discuss!!!

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So Belichick loves experimenting. 4th and 2, cute little onside kicks, drop kicks or acquiring Steven Jackson and having him run the ball 8,000 times in a game; yet even with half the roster being turned over, them needing a quarterback and being out of the playoff race he decides to go balls to the wall to win. He must really hate losing to the Jets.

I don't understand the logic whatsoever but I hope this win is enough to keep the fan base happy the next 9 months.


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1. Cam Newton scored 4 TDs in his last game. Thanks for keeping the season interesting in what was always a rebuilding year where we had 25M in dead cap money and 8 player opt-outs.
2. Jacobi Meyers and Damien Harris are keepers after starting on Oct 25 when Harry and Michel went on IR. We have an OC who doesn’t know who is good or bad. Meyers is a 1100 yard receiver if he played all year and a Harris is a 1200 yard back if he played all year.
3. Sony has played well in Dec but I don’t like that the fire was lit due to job security and not natural motor. Would not re-sign. James White on the other hand we have to re-sign one of the best catching RBs in the last decade.
4. Onwenu should play RT. See if Thuney can play LT when Wynn is out. Herron and Elmeanor are both poor at pass blocking at the tackle spots.
5. Asiasi showed what he can do and given our OC has zero talent evaluator skills, would bet this kid has a good year next year.
6. We couldn't stop the run consistently all year. Defensive front 7 should be the focus of our first pick then see if Mac Jones is available later.
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Did us no good. Whatever it’s not like they are going to try to lose. So...congrats Patriots? Meyers is a really nice player I’ll say that much.