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Bad first half. Great second half! Honestly - This was a 38 point game for us if we make that XP and that td wasn't reversed via penalty. Defense is an issue, but halfway through the 3rd something snapped into Brady and this D. Almost like - Hold on, we want to go to the SB!


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SF is a gawd awful football team but the Pats did what they were supposed to do. Still a few minor areas of concern but overall not a bad performance especially in that kind of weather.

Speaking of gawd awful it's amazing how far Kaepernick has fallen from his Super Bowl year....

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Welcome back to Rowe .. and a nice welcome to Van Noy.
Things are slowly starting to come together. CB situation clearing.
On to NY.

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And yeah .. where's the wise guy explaining Mitchell can't get open?
I really wish he saw the game.


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Good response to last week's clunker. Lots to build on for the defense. Offense is awesome. Gotta stay healthy. Big divisional game next week. Beat those Jests.

BTW, this was TFB's 199th win. Not bad for the 199th pick.

patsinthesnow Supporter Supporter
Petty & Goff next.

Two more trainwreck QBs to experiment and figure things out on defense. Some progress today.


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Tom was off by a little, but made 2 incredible plays today. White and Mitchell were on the receiving end of his awesome plays.

No Gronk and even with a shaky 1st half we still could have put up 37 points if we wanted too.

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It might not seem like much to most, but it was it nice to see "Patriot Killer" Jeremy Kerley not burn the team again, he had a fair amount of good games against the Pats when he was a Jet.

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this thread needs an inoculation of Pats Pimple cream to clear up all the Pats Pimple crybabies complexion...

There, that's a whole lot better ain't it?

OK...a road game after a tough All Pro Tight starting flanker...quagmire conditions in the 1st half...They put up 30 points and took a knee on the SF one yard line. Stop crying like spoiled brats.
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