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Official Post Game Thread - Chiefs at Patriots

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that was the problem. No matter how much the game has evolved you have to do those things. The QB isn't the problem


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Tough game changed after failed 4th down conversion after non Gronk TD.....Defense needs work, Tom needs more time with our new wideouts, hoping High and Danny are good to go in 10 days.
Some strange Offensive calls as well.

Alot to review. Let's discuss


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Wanted to post this in the game thread...

Yeah, Brady has been off most of the night and people want to blame McDaniels for everything. Brady missed several wide open receivers who could have gone the distance or at the very least got a huge 25-30 yard game at least.

McDaniels have made some bad calls and in crucial situations, but the play on the field isn't helping him.
Who was getting open? That's the real problem. If this continues as Gronk rebounds into health and Amendola/Mitchell come back, then it might be time to acknowledge that there's a reason they kept JAG. But this was a **** contest by the WR corps. Aside from Cooks, absolutely nobody was getting open and Gronk doesn't look like he has any confidence in his knee yet (ala 2014). I'm not worried about the offense. It's the defense that has big time question marks outside of McCourty, Butler, and Gilmore. The lack of speed on that side of the ball is alarming.


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Well, that was miserable. I was prepared for a potential loss, but I wasn't prepared for that. Not to get into the realm of hysterical overreactions, but I think it's reasonable to have legit worries about this front 7. Van Noy was hot garbage, Hightower can't stay healthy, nobody could set the edge at all, and Malcom Brown is treading dangerously close to bust territory.

The secondary looked pretty solid, other than one badly blown coverage by Gilmore. But it doesn't matter how good your secondary is when your front 7 plays that ****ty. Going forward, I'm almost ready to write Brown off entirely, and would like to see more of Valentine. I've liked what I've seen from him, maybe he can show Brown what a real defensive tackle looks like.


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The team played pretty well for the first three quarters, with the exception of some timely mistakes. Cleaner play, and we could see a very different outcome. Regardless, it's a great wake-up call for a team that has had a 19-0 buzz all offseason, and they have plenty of time to correct their troubles. It looked like they were trying to get used to what the new players could and couldn't do. Unfortunately, it didn't go the way that they wanted, but last time the Chiefs dropped 40+ on us, I seem to recall that the season turned out okay. :)


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Defense was garbage. Playcalling wasn't very good. Brady looked 40. Losing this game with all those factors is't shocking. No, I am NOT a negative nancy and Brady might light it up next week. Its just how this game went down. Heck, even last season Brady was having off games. Heck, even with our superbowl comeback he almost threw interceptions and had a pick six.


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D was a mess and I don't remember the last time they gave up that many long drives.
Not a great place to be when the pats are putting guys in that have been on the team for a week or guys you've never really heard of.


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One things for sure BB will be kicking ass and taking names this week. Brady played mediocre at best. The receivers weren't getting much separation which forced him into some tough throws. We need to win next week to right the ship.
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