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I'll tell you whatbis encouraging...maybe a little crazy, but I think this team with a healthy Cam and 1 more WR can win the SB

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is there anyone old enough to undertsand what "Pyrrhic victory" means? The rest of you thumb suacking crybabies...YOU ALL THOUGHT THIS GOING TO BE A SLAUGHTER! but don't let that stop all the twat bleeding and second guessing idiocies that have become standard here. I, for one Patriot fan, am quite satisfied with the team's showing. I can't wait for the next mutt to blab about "we need the Ravens defense ! Waaaaahhhhh....mommy, ba-ba!"...this game HAS TO BE a confidence builder when the whole world, even your supposed "fans" predicted a SLAUGHTER. Slaughter??? Try the Ravens last week, MORONS!~
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