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Maybe the plan was to go into the season with Gilmore and stockpile picks to get Trevor Lawrence?
(Why does that give me more confidence than actually thinking Stidham was the heir)


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Think we win if Cam was playing. No way he chokes like Hoyer did twice in the red zone.

held them to 19 points on offense.


TB12 Supporter
This team desperately needs playmakers at the pass catching positions. More than pleased with the defense, despite the result, a more than decent performance.


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You're not going to win a game when you turn the ball over 4 times and you choke in the red zone twice. Surprisingly we really had a chance to win this game with better execution and if our players could hold onto the ball.

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You weren’t here the entire game thread. I took a lot of heat for suggesting that shouldn’t happen. Then I finally said “**** it, give them what they want,” and I haven’t been surprised.

They caught the Chiefs on a day where Mahomes was off. They had a close game going, and Hoyer had moved the team a couple of times. Then they made that switch.
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