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If you'd told me 26 - 10 before the game, I would have taken it in a heartbeat, given the extenuating circumstances. But the way it played out left such a bad taste in my mouth. We could have -- perhaps should have -- won this game. Bleh.


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also...Bill needs to extend Cam. We do not have a franchise QB otherwise next year.

Assuming Cam doesn't fall apart this season obv.


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Yes I can't think of a better position to be put in than coming in with a deficit to the defending SB champs on the road. He was fine all things considered

No, he shouldn’t have the jitters compared to a ****bag veteran who doesn’t know how many timeouts his team has left before a half. How anyone can blame Stidham is beyond me. He was put in such a **** position.


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Chiefs got a free win. Game should have been postponed.
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