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If Edelman wants to piss around, then get on the bus and go home. Way to quit. Go to Tampa with your bffs. ****


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Ridiculous work by Bill tonight. Held maybe the best Chiefs team yet in check for the most part and had is in position to win had we not shot ourselves in the foot offensively and got hosed on a couple calls.


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So if God forbid Cam gets unjured, season is over?
Season over meaning what? As in no chance to win the SB? I never gave them a chance this year.

Make the playoffs now that 7 teams get in? Sure. But I'm just relaxing and rooting for my team at this point with no expectations. Been doing that all year. I hate that they let KC off the hook tonight though. Not that it will matter in the big scheme of things. With KC's win over Baltimore they are almost surely a lock for the 1st seed unless Mahomes goes down. It would have been fun though. : )


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I wish I could have bet money that if Stidham played he would have thrown a pick. Now a pick6 in his last 2 straight (his only 2) NFL games.



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Listen the team arrived in KC this afternoon. Changed QBs on Friday. Playing the champs. A loss if not great is understandable. Went toe to toe with the hot QB in the league. Move on - the season is in front of us


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Let's see what Stidham is made of. This is one of those moments where you either stay a boy or become a man.


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Should’ve had 2 ints
Should’ve had a TD or at worst a FG before HT
Should’ve had a TD or at worst a FG after HT
Pen on wise was ******** and lead to TD
Edelman drop leads to pick 6

feels like we should be 40-3 down with all that garbage tbf.


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The best thing about that throw to Edelman was how low he threw it to avoid it becoming a hospital ball.
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