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Oct 25th

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Genuinely curious, if you think tomorrow's game will be a loss, will you still watch it?
I’m watching despite my gut telling me it’ll be a comfortable KC win. There are many reasons to tune in if you’re a fan : progress, D’s ability to limit a dynamic offense, if Hoyer plays the entire game...

jimnance Supporter Supporter
Agreed completely.

Now please don’t tell me Bradyites are starting to pound their chest and trash Belichick over Brady leaving again like the Pats lost the difference between a guaranteed SB and not. I read enough of that garbage in the spring and can’t stomach more of it. Guess I better get the ignore button warmed up again just in case. :)

I don't understand any Pats fan trashing either Brady or Belichick. I can honestly say in 20 years of posting I have never never trashed either one. Theyre both the GOAT.
Also 2 greatest sports figures in Boston sports history imo.
Any nfl fan of another team wouldve given their left nut for either one of em.
I know both wanted to do what was in the best interests of the Patriots and both did just that for almost 20 years .
They just disagreed in the last year. Neither ones fault.


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Will be interested in seeing what the League decides to do w Gruden and other maskless coaches. They talked a big game.

aluminum seats

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Stupid time out on Gordon’s part there, if you have two you still have a chance even if you don’t get the onside kick.


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I'm just not sold on the Bills defense, they've really taken a big step back compared to last year. Still can't see why the Pats (obviously if Cam recovers quickly) can't win this division.


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Bills should have lost to the rams if it wasn’t for a ridiculous PI call. We can beat them but is the offense good enough? That’s the question. Also getting better at stopping the run upfront.