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NFL OT rules

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Don't know if it's been mentioned, but OT rules should stay the same except include a TD as the first score option.
ie: if the first team to possess the balls scores a TD, the other team gets a possession to match. That's it. Everything else remains the same.
This seems like a no brainer. No reason to start inventing more craziness. The only other caveat could be - pre-declare the OT coin winner.
Either the same winner as the opening, or automatically the road team... that way teams can strategize the end of game scenarios accordingly.

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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
It’s really amazing how much Allen fandom is bubbling up on this board. “It’s hard not to like him” ****in clowns. What’s hard not to like about dak, mahommes, Herbert, burrow? “He worked his way u” THEY ALL DO

you think he’s cute.

Screw the bills.
Agreed. Calling him Josh and saying he's likeable, gtfo