New report highlights dysfunction between Jets coach Todd Bowles, GM Mike Maccagnan

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Sep 20th

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Who cares? They are the Jets. A synonym for Jets is Dysfunction.

But one thing I do know is that Manish Mehta does not make stuff up, he basically parrots what someone else has told him - generally someone in the organization.


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Non did-function at Jets HQ would be a more stunning headline!

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I don’t think Bowles is that good but he was put in a crappy situation with regards to personnel. Few coaches (if any) could get this squad to a winning record. Where would their best wr (enunwa) be on our depth chart? This is on the GM. Overpaying to move up 3 spots for darnold has hurt this team in the short term. Long term remains to be seen.

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This is actually bad news. We want the status quo........not changes....
Don't worry. The ownership is staying the same and reportedly McCrapton is staying. Haha, no worries. New Head coach and another OC = new offensive scheme. McCrapton will get fired next season or the one after and the Jete wheel of continuous suckage will continue.


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Two guys looking to point blame at the other in a futile attempt to save their jobs.
GM probably wins like they always do. I can’t believe the Bulls owner let those clowns fire another coach lol. When you fire 3 coaches in 8 years, you have to start to wonder where the problem is.
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I’ve never thought that Bowles was quite as bad as his record states. I think he’s had a terrible situation to try and work with on a very dysfunctional organization.

I suppose that I respect him since he stood up for the Pats during that stupid headset thing when Tomlin was whining like the ***** that he is. Todd Bowles doesn’t talk much smack, is always pretty respectful, and tries to keep the game on the field.