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If Vince Wilfork retires from football, Steve Balestrieri believes Canton should be the veteran defensive tackle's next stop.

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@BrdalBrian one game at a time, everything is matchup based. I do think #Patriots win this weekend, like the matchup

I'll also be discussing my #1 focus in the AFCCG: #1 RZ O vs #1 RZ D. My breakdown video for referenc…

Patriots Super Bowl odds up to 39.6%, Falcons are second at 32.9%, Packers third at 14.9% and Steelers fourth at 12.6%, per @numberFire.

@Thudias Fair. But this isn't going to all of a sudden turn a slappy into an MVP. I'm broad-brushing, I know, but that's my overall point.

I'll be on @NESN LIVE at 5:30 @GilletteStadium tonite diving deeper into #Patriots #Patriots , + some live-ranting on #Patriots anniversary

RT @DonBanks: Drew Bledsoe's last moment in the sun as a Patriots QB came 15 years ago, in the first Steelers-Pats AFC title game: https://…

@Thudias OK, but I don't think someone is all of a sudden going to be better player because Tomlin might have thought he was an "asshole."

@Thudias Meh. Maybe I'm just tired of nonsense. Kind of get your point, though.

@Thudias Larger point? The video is mountain out of molehill kinda stuff, IMO.

RT @FanRagNFL: .@WilliamsonNFL takes a look at how the #Patriots offense is able to create so many mismatches every week:…

@Thudias Being an extremely self-involved sportswriter, I like to think everyone is repeating me.

RT @McClain_on_NFL: The Sports Update: What is the Texans future at quarterback?

@taniaganguli @ivicazubac tell me more about old-skool rap, tania

@Thudias Wait, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. Are you calling me a parrot?

@brett8055 trust me, I'm very aware:) Izz here pounces on it, i kept Lechler off the ball, cover him up

Logan Ryan on Patriots defense: "We had a chip on our shoulders. We were doubted earlier in the year, called out by the media publicly."

@DanJMoran seems like it's been awhile since we've seen that least since dgate started. he's pretty dorky though (in good way)

RT @jeffphowe: Tom Brady-Ben Roethlisberger meeting has been a long time coming

If you're a player who needs a Facebook Live video to get fired up to play in the AFC championship game, you’re not a very good player.

Julian Edelman Has Proudly Worn Same Kent State Shirt To Practice For Seven Years

8) 15 years later & people can't stop making excuses for why the #Patriots keep beating them. And it won't stop until the excuses do 👍

RT @cpriceNFL: Martellus Bennett doesn't give a shit about Antonio Brown's Facebook Live video. #NFL #NFL #NFL…

7) If the Raiders had done the little things as we did on that day, we wouldn't have beaten them...with or without the Tuck Rule.

Before people get it twisted, Bennett was very clearly having some fun with the moment.

NBA Finals and Random Thoughts.

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by joepatsfan, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. joepatsfan

    joepatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    Agreed on that. The Spurs really shot themselves in the foot last night. 4 missed FTs, then Manu with the horrible forced pass into Duncan and then Manu misses a really good look..

    All those mistakes from Parker, Manu and Duncan.... that's a no no for the Spurs. They screwed themselves.

    As for Miami, I called LBJ's stat line. I told a friend he was gonna go off for 35/9/6 but it was 35/10/3 which is close. Bosh continues to hit shots which is huge.

    I still think this goes 7
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  2. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    This is definitely going seven. No doubt about it. But, if LeBron is draining his jumpers like that, there is no defense for him. If you devote more than two guys to him in the paint, he's going to drive anyway then dish it out to one of our shooters. The Heat did what they needed to and took home court. From there, they just need to do a better job of protecting the paint and guarding the three. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing that type of basketball in the Finals again. That was a good, physical game. I still saw signs of the fact that the Heat can't even so much as breathe on Tim Duncan without drawing a foul but the same can be said for the Spurs when they're guarding LeBron. Overall, aside from a few hiccups and ticky tack calls, the refs did a very good job last night.
  3. PatriotReign

    PatriotReign Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    2 down and 2 to go before King James and the Heat are deposed from the throne.
  4. joepatsfan

    joepatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    Wow, great game. What a performance by the Spurs offense in the first half. Kawhi showed UP tonight. Just great ball work and smart decisions and well, they just hit their shots. Wade had a BAD first half.

    That game got really entertaining in the third quarter as Miami chipped away and away at it. Wade had a great 3rd. The biggest stretch of the night imo, was the final 4 minutes of the 3rd when Miami really tightened the game up and Pop balls'd up at took Duncan out for rest of the quarter and refused to call timeouts in that stretch. Then, the Spurs got a HUGE 3 from Belineli and Diaw helped slow the game down and make nice shots.

    The Spurs in the end had too much. I think LBJ didn't try to take over this game enough in the 4th (I know its an easy cop out, but seriously)... He just needed to attack, attack and attack to chip away.

    MArio Chalmers should be cut today. he's sorry. Cole should be starting and seeing legit time.

    I didn't see a lot of Bosh touching the ball which is a problem because like we talked about before, he cant pull out Duncan then.

    Miami just left too many shooters open and allowed too many easy cuts and takes to the hoop in the end.

    ALSO, reffing was really shitty tonight. There were stretches where they would call everything then stretches where they called nothing. As a player, its hard to get a feel for how to play in that scenario and I hate it. Refs need to be a lot more consistent and keep the whistle count lower.

    Loved watching all those fake ass Miami fans leaving with 3 minutes left on the clock, totally sorry to see if youre a real fan of Miami.
  5. varjao

    varjao In the Starting Line-Up

    Thank you Chalmers
  6. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    Well, the good news for Heat fans is that the Spurs will not shoot like they did in the first half again in this series. The bad news for Heat fans is that they are getting absolutely nothing out of their PG rotation. With regard to Chalmers, they're not only getting nothing, they're mainly getting negative plays. Every time the Heat looked poised to make a serious run, Chalmers would commit a dumb ass foul or an untimely turnover. I agree with you, Joe. Chalmers should be benched and Cole should be starting. Next game I would like to see:

    1. LeBron attack the paint early and often. Not only will he get relatively easy buckets (for him), but he'll also get them in foul trouble.

    2. Bosh actually take more shots. I didn't think he had the ball in his hand enough.

    3. Something... anything positive from the PG position. If that means benching Chalmers and starting Cole, then I've been for that since the Indiana series. Chalmers' confidence is shot and his play is garbage.

    4. Andersen's minutes increased. He plays the best defense on Duncan of anyone on the Heat roster.

    Oh... and the Heat miss Mike Miller. Badly.
  7. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    People say this every time the Heat lose a game. Hard to win when the opposition shoots an NBA record in the first half and hangs 41 on you in the first quarter. That said, not practicing Monday seems to have bitten the Heat in the ass. They looked completely lethargic to start. When they did turn it on, it was too little, too late.
  8. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    Jesus ****ing Christ. The Heat better start playing some defense and soon because the Spurs simply do not miss even somewhat open jumpers. Honestly, after 13 1/2 quarters, I don't see them winning this series. They look either (A) too fat and sassy after two titles, (B) too old, or (C) all of the above. Whatever it is, the Spurs have clearly been the better and more hungry team thus far. Speaking of, anybody seen LeBron in this game so far? Three points for the greatest player on the planet. What a ****ing joke.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2014
  9. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    Spurs have a 20 point lead now. Against them, that's pretty much insurmountable. Five points for LeBron and two for Wade. If they want to opt out this offseason, they can feel free to exit stage left. I'd rather watch the Heat make a run at Carmelo and Durant.
  10. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Screw LeBron ... full of talent with a head full of shit.
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  11. PatriotReign

    PatriotReign Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The champs are bloodied, battered, and on the ropes of being eliminated.
  12. joepatsfan

    joepatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    LeBron will never be Jordan. NEVER. Wade looked 45 tonight. THe Heat looked like they didn't care out there. San Antonio is a great team that's deep. Shit Diaw almost had a triple double. Leonard was a beast again and Mills was awesome.

    It's really tough to beat a team that doesn't even rely on their 2 (maybe 3) HOFers to win games. This series is done Sunday imo and I'm happy for it but still sad that the series sucked so much.

    Also, Heat fans are the worst. You don't leave the stadium. I don't care if you are down 100. This team has given you as fans so much over these seasons and you ditch IN THE FINALS? Pathetic. And I don't wanna hear the "they are trying to beat traffic" crap, because I was there in January for a Heat-Celtics game and got outta there very easily. The parking is spread out and really easy so that's crap, it's not like being at Gillette where its route 1 and that's it. It's a buncha bullshit fans. I feel bad for the REAL Miami fans who were there before 2010 and stuck through their 15-win season because they fall into this Heat fan stereotype.
  13. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Heat fans deserve what they get ... I'd rather never win another championship if it meant LeBron had a hand in it ... the biggest piece of shit azzwipe in the NBA ... he's great due to his talent but he will never be a legend ... that takes heart and he has none.
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  14. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    LeBron has basically realized his worst nightmare: He's playing in Cleveland again.

    After my rants last night and after I realized the Heat were done, I sat back, drinked a couple of beers, and watched the game from a realistic and non-inflammatory point of view. Here's what I've concluded with regard to the Heat and why they're losing this series:

    1. LeBron isn't getting help. Wade looks old and slow out there. Bosh is doing what he can but Duncan is a tough match-up for him. The bench I will get into shortly. Simply put, no matter how great a single player is, he can't beat a deep team that simply does not miss on his own.

    2. They don't care. I think the Heat, as I said last night, have gotten fat and sassy. You can tell the Spurs simply want it more. If you want a sign that the Heat simply are not as fired up about this series as San Antonio is, look no further than their defense. Defense got the Heat to the dance the last three years and won them two titles. The intensity just simply isn't there on that side of the ball, which is usually the first sign that the team is simply packing it in.

    3. Their bench has gotten very old. The Heat are actually the oldest team in the league, and the bench is the reason for that. Birdman, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, etc. When the Heat were winning titles, they were getting contributions on a game by game basis from their bench and their role players. That hasn't been the case in this series. It's been LeBron and, sometimes, Bosh against the Spurs. Battier looks like he's on his last legs, Birdman looks worn out, and Ray is up there. In all, I would wipe the roster clean starting with the bench, allow Wade to move on and either sign Carmelo or Kevin Love with his money, and then start getting younger at the middle to the bottom of the roster. Do that, and they're kicking everyone's asses again. Do it not, and they're beating up on the East before getting their asses thoroughly kicked by whomever comes out of the West.

    As someone that has been to that arena a few times, I'm not going to make too much of a concerted effort to defend the pink hat, want-to-be-seen-on-TV-while-drinking-champagne South Beach grubs. They're terrible. They're the only ones down there that can afford to go to these Finals games so, a lot of times, they'll displace the true fans that have been with the team since they drafted Rice all those years ago.

    That said, your logic is flawed. Let's take a trip back down Memory Lane, shall we? 2008: Dolphins at Patriots. The Wildcat is unveiled. The Pats get blown out at home for the first time in years. Starting in the second quarter, the fans boo the team. Late in the third, fans starting packing it in and heading for the exits. According to your logic, Pats fans are the worst fans in football but have been able to mask it since they haven't been blown out at home since. I won't begrudge anybody's right to boo or leave if they want. They might not be hardcore fans (as a matter of fact, they're probably not), but they paid good, hard earned money for those seats just to watch their team come out and take a big, liquidy shit all over themselves.

    Either way, the one thing that will be nice when LeBron leaves (if he leaves) is that the bandwagon assholes will be gone too.

    Were you drinking when you made this post? LeBron will never be a legend?


    You're letting your hate for the guy cloud your ability to actually think. Respond if you want to but I'll easily take this logic completely apart. For now, I'll let it go because you may have been drunk when you posted this.
  15. SalemPats

    SalemPats In the Starting Line-Up

    We're in the era of over-reaction. Lebron with Miami has been in the last 4 NBA Finals, which is unbelievable. They probably should have beaten Dallas and lost last year to the Spurs. It's a great accomplishment for any player, even Jordan. The series isn't over, but if Kawhi, Mills and Green shoot like they do no one can beat the Spurs. Miami is not a team that is good playing catchup, but if it's close they'll win.

    Game 5 should be interesting. I assume we'll see Lebron attack early and often in the 1st rather than deferring. If they get some calls and Kawhi is in foul trouble they will have a chance.
  16. SalemPats

    SalemPats In the Starting Line-Up

    I'm not a LeBron fan, but he is a legend. I loved watching Bird play because his basketball IQ is off the charts. He's up there with Magic and Bird, players that play the right way and make their teammates better.
  17. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    He needs to attack early. He's deferring to a bunch of teammates that are doing exactly jack shit.
  18. joepatsfan

    joepatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    The logic isn't flawed. I have no problem with Heat fans leaving early during the regular season, its not that big a deal and you will lose games. Also its totally different from Gillette to Miami. Gillette is route 1 and that's it. So you're sitting in traffic regardless. I've been to AAA 4 times and have never seen anything close to traffic getting out as I did when I was at Gillette.

    If Patriots fans left early for a playoff game after getting killed, I would be disgraced. Some people will always leave no matter the situation because there are always half assed wagon fans. Heat fans do this to themselves. They are the most annoying fans ever. Maybe I'm just a "Heat hater" as they all claim but they are the fakest group I've ever seen and them leaving early just adds to their fake repertoire.

    Like I said, I feel bad for the reals fans of Miami because if I was a Heat fan I'd be pissed to be associated with all these pink hats asses.

    Also I agree. LeBron is getting no help. First, they all look like they don't care. Defensively there is no fire and no intensity. Their rotations getting smacked by the Spurs passing. All of the bench is old and cant do anything besides shoot and they haven't even done that well this series. ALso I agree they need to get younger or they aren't going to beat the West.
  19. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN So... back to it! Supporter

    So now Pats fans are better fans because they left the game early to avoid traffic? Come on, now. Hardcore fans would stay until the end of the game, recognizing that the pink hats were leaving then, because they would want to watch their team no matter what while realizing there would be less traffic after the game with most of the stadium leaving. You just tried to make an excuse for the Pats fans that day instead of just admitting that the Heat fanbase isn't the only one that does that.

    Short of the 2009 contest against the Ravens, the Pats haven't gotten blown out of too many playoff games in the Belichick/Brady era. They certainly haven't been blown out of a Super Bowl. In that 2009 contest, the Pats fans were booing their own team the whole way through the game and the camera once again showed fans leaving for the exits early to halfway through the 4th. Like I said, based on your logic, Pats fans are the worst football fans.

    Most of those people at the Finals aren't true fans, though. They're just showing up for the social aspect of it. I called them South Beach grubs. That's essentially the best nickname for them.

    It's unavoidable. I don't like it, personally, but any time you have a team that has had sustained success at the pinnacle of their sport, you'll see bandwagon fans hopping on and off. You should know this being a fan of this fine football team that we root for.

    Can't disagree here. They're old, fat, and sassy. Duncan will get his next ring this year and I'll honestly be happy for him because there isn't a snow ball's chance in Hell that the Heat are going to win 3 in a row.
  20. joepatsfan

    joepatsfan On the Game Day Roster

    @KontradictioN I don't care what my logic looks like. I understand that time and again fans of any fanbase will leave early just because. I would never do that. Mainly because, if I'm paying to go, I'm staying until the end.

    Whatever, you can say the Pats have the worst fans in football I don't care, because I know I'm not one of them as long as I can call those Miami fans the fakest fans alive then I'm fine.

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