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JJ Watt might be on the block

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No point bringing in a veteran when we are not competing...

Try to aim to build your team around players who will maximize their potential in 2022 and 2023.

We are in Miami territory now .. first season under Flores.. probably little worse than that..


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The only way we're vying for a championship in time for him to matter is if there's a 2001-esque house-cleaning along with finding a QB out of nowhere and a bunch of vet reclamation jobs that pan out.

Otherwise he's just not worth it. We need a lot more than Watt and whatever else.

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Have never really believed that a defensive lineman making $20M a year impacted winning enough to overcome the holes it creates elsewhere on the roster. Maybe at his absolute peak and when he played 16 games he was worth it but those days are long gone. The Texans allegedly had great DL multiple years and they never went anywhere.
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Overpaid players have no trade value unless they take a pay cut as part of the trade, which isn’t super common because they’re usually better off getting released in order to have teams bid against each other for their services.