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On Oct. 24, I received the below personal message here from a subhuman Jete fan identifying himself as Jet Life, age 31. He first surfaced on this site years ago under screen name jetfan51. Some might recall that he started a thread whose title intentionally spoiled a key plot element in the film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Oct. 24 message:
"Han Solo died in Star Wars episode 7. If you don’t remember me, I spoiled Star Wars for you around 7-8 years ago. I also told you I hope your bird dies. Well, I’m back to say the Patriots suck and I hope your bird is dead. Enjoy last place, Go Jets!"

Becoming aware of this twisted cretin, my parrot persuaded me to make this our joint public message to Jet Life, a/k/a jetfan51. First, the bird weighs in:

My response:
My bird is thriving and no doubt will outlive you. In fact, he craps green and white. When you think about it, those things naturally belong together: green, white, plus crap like yourself and the morally reprehensible New Jersey Jete.

healthy-parrot-poop-color 2.jpg
I doubt you remember this but the day you were born, your mother thought she was just having a bowel movement. Even now, folks look at you and can’t tell the difference. So plop back in the toilet from whence you came. Just be careful someone doesn’t flush this time like your mom almost did 31 years ago.

P.S. Enjoy the continuing misadventures of your "special" QB, Punky McMilfson. He also knows a few things about mothers but of course, that's another story.

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you're picking on the most feeble minded sub-humans in existence, Mr Tunescribe....complete brutality on your part. I, for one, applaud your "Vlad The Impaler" strategy and your merciless, bloodthirsty evisceration of this defenseless green puke. Looks like you made Mommy cry, Tunes....vicious....I LOVE every second of imposed horror...



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The Jetes fans deserve to suffer for supporting such a crappy team. They easily could have beat us. But of course they give up a punt return touchdown in the last few seconds of regulation.

Why are their salty tears so tasty? :haha: LOL. I'll admit it, we got LUCKY. But good fortune favors the bold. I'll take a fortunate victory if I have to because sometimes luck just trumps skill.

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