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I’m coming around to not naming Mayo DC

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This seems unduly harsh. BB certainly sets himself up for criticism and the optics are bad having family on staff. The practice is pretty common for long tenured coaches. The feedback from players on the Belichick kids is always positive, even from guys no longer with the team. Compare that with Reid and his kids...
Yes, it is harsh, especially in response to a comment about Bill and his kids. I'd do the same if I was the HC. It was more fitting as a comment to the hiring of MP.

raduray Supporter Supporter
My position wasn't opinion. That's the whole point.

MUST interview minorities + Do not need to interview white males = textbook discrimination
Jeez, just looking around at the demographics of NFL coaches I must have missed the fact that white candidates haven't had interview opportunities.

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His argument is that racial discrimination is fine if it is intended to serve an end of which he approves. Your argument, with which I agree, is that racial discrimination is always wrong. Any implication that affirmative action is not a form and use of racial discrimnation is not "emotional": it is simply dishonest, and counterfactual. Ahmed, if you approve of racial discrimination under certain conditions, why not have the courage and honesty to say so.
I would agree with you in an ideal world, but there is a history of racial discrimination which the Rooney rule is trying to eliminate.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Jeez, just looking around at the demographics of NFL coaches I must have missed the fact that white candidates haven't had interview opportunities.

Why is reading comprehension so difficult for some of you?


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I also liked Flores, but Mayo is here and knows the players.. not that that is a big deal, but might give him a slight edge.

Flores has proven himself too be a very competent HC which is very rare- believe he was the only successful HC from the Belichick tree. I say successful because he had turned around the Fins before getting fired by Ross for refusing to tank.

When BB is gone, I really hope Kraft goes after Flores.


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Given the recent trends in the league, I would not be surprised if teams move away from defensive minded coaches. The most successful new coaches of the past five years have been offensive guys. It's a copycat league.

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