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ESPN hitpiece on Patriots (Rift with Brady/Belichick/Kraft) - Merged

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Sep 12th

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Peter King thinks it's excellent journalism.

And how could he not....I mean...

Peter King shows how much of a piece of **** he is here. Brady gave this motherf**ker an exclusive interview at his cabin in Montana days after the SB last year and here he is rubber stamping this ****e hit piece about Brady.

Yes i'm under no illusions that King has to bow down to Brady for that interview. But to come out like he does here heaping praise is ****ty. Just goes to show even when you play nice with the media they'll still stick the knife in you and it also shows the clear bias against Brady compared to that sexual assaulting, PED using Manning. When negative articles with actual named sources came out assholes like King either didn't acknowledge or ripped it. Yet here they are coming out and commending wickerSHAM for a article that TMZ wouldn't even publish.


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When is a journalist going to write a book or column about the demise of ESPN? After all of the layoffs I am sure some of their former employees would agree to be interviewed. You could dedicate one of the final chapters to ex president John Skipper who supposedly resigned because of substance abuse problems but was recently sharing a drink with Dan LeBatard. I am sure there is more to the story about his resignation than "substance abuse problems". ESPN was the worldwide leader in sports, now they are the worldwide leader in lies and propaganda.

Idk about you, but 1 am on Friday morning seems like the ideal time to drop a bombshell report.....


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We'll only find out if it's really the hit piece that we all assume it is or not after the season because if it's true Belichick will be gone if his hands were forced by Kraft and Brady.
BB is most certainly under contract, so if he want anything other than retirement Kraft could get a boatload that makes what everyone thinks Jimmy G was worth look like peanuts. If he wants to leave it would be retirement.


So you are buying ESPN garbage and think he is lying?
No, not sure where you're getting that idea, but I do believe Mike Reiss and other reporters who have also suggested him as the next coach here. And I do believe no NFL assistant/coordinator would ever publicly tell the media that they believe they're next in line for a head coaching job with their respective team. Doesn't make them a liar, it just means it's not exactly the right thing to say even if they might be thinking it.


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Well, that was elaborate and detailed.


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Statement from Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee, on ESPN report about #Patriots power struggle: "I don't really know what to say — it's tough to have a response since it didn't appear to me to have one on-the-record quote. All I can suggest is don't believe everything you read.


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If Belichick was planning on moving on and was smart, he would have let Jimmy get to free agency next year and then cherry pick a new team with the resources to sign him as their franchise Qb.

That alone proves he's not moving on next year IMO, or he's not as shrewd as some think.


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Well, to be fair we don’t know yet if Belichick will stick around. He certainly doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would quit in mid-season no matter how furious he may be, so the fact that he didn’t doesn’t say anything to me about the truth of this.

This is the same guy that resigned from the Jets after one day. There shouldn't be any doubt about this article's honesty. Unless you think Belichick turned into an idiot randomly overnight this year or that Brady suddenly became a diva, the premise of trading Brady in the midst of an MVP season is totally moronic. This is purely a last ditch effort from a dying franchise (ESPN) to generate shock clicks from the masses. The ironic thing is that, even though it is working in the short-term, it's the exact reason why they are dying long-term.


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Well if Brady struggles here in the playoffs then bspn will look like geniuses. Let's hope he has a great playoff run win or lose.


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The minute Brady got on stage with Tony Robbins he stepped into the "cult" side if things
The idea that players might be looked on negatively by Brady if they go to team trainers instead of Brady is infuriating, nuts, seems crazy, but I have an odd feeling it might be true. And I sure hope players are not calling him "Sir". This piece is filled with troubling stuff, hopefully false, but I fear some of it at least is probably very accurate.
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