End of an era at Penn State.

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    Lives next to a grammar school....coaches kids football teams....holds sleepovers...I mean, yeah, Cub Scout leader,on and on and on...that is what these scumbags DO!!! This is a VERY WELL KNOWN profile and has been for the past two decades.

    Here's what we all need to ask ourselves ...how in the name of Jesus Christ does this predator get a 100K UNSECURED bail??????


    This cretin, these crimes, this nuclear impact...uh..please...this is at LEAST a million dollar bail WITH SURETY. This piece of excrement should not now nor ever in the near future be allowed to walk free with out a secured bail, ankle monitoring and unannounced checks by the bail division to insure he's not a danger to any more kids. No internet access.No residing within 500 feet of a school...all the controls and checks that the law has to stop these freakin' monsters from preying on kids.

    This is totally ludicrous that this POS is a free man right now. There HAS to be more to this....what the hell could that judge be possibly considering...UNSECURED BAIL??????That's just a signature and off you go Donnie Diddleheimer...ridiculous...corrupt...I'm running out of adjectives to describe this mockery.
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    Amen. That was my point in an earlier post, that he was reflective on what to do...asking his dad what to do versus being reflexive and instinctively grabbing/punching Sandusky and protecting the child and at a minimum yelling at him to interrupt the crime... I don't know where either of them (father/son's) have a moral compass focused but it's certainly not on "doing the right thing".
    All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing...and then they're not so good anymore........
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    That's a good question. But I'm positive that 10 year-olds qualify.
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    Not only missing a compass, he's apparently retained a sense of humor about his situation...

    Mike McQueary Reportedly in Protective Custody and Done Coaching Penn State | Larry Brown Sports

    He's likely off the hook in the criminal sense, unless he opts to purjure himself as this thing continues to unfold, but the promising career at PSU that apparently meant everything to him and certainly more than the safety of one ten year old child is over at 37 as likely is his coaching career, period. The court of public opinion is reflexive, and he will have another 30 years to reflect on that.
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    Only putting this in because it's semi Pats related. Heard on PSU pregame show that Sam Gash is one of the leaders of a large group of former players who want input into who the university hires as Joepa's replacement.
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    Indeed it is. Makes me think that he knows more than he has already revealed, and the PSU admin is afraid to alienate him or else he'll start babbling.

    Or, perhaps, he already made a deal to do the best he could to protect Paterno and the university has to honor their end of the bargain as best they can.
  7. Wolfpack

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    +1. The analogy I've been using is that they treated it like it was some sort of recruiting violation. Sort of a "victimless" crime, we certainly don't want to contact authorities, let's keep it all in house and hope no one finds out, etc.

    But, of course, this is absolutely nothing like that.
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    That's conflating the argument.

    The question being "debated" was: was McQueary a mandatory reporter who had a legal duty to do more than he did?

    My guess, based on the fact that K-12 and college are distinct entities, is that he was not, since a college coach would not normally "in the course of their employment or practice of their profession come into contact with children." Either he was a mandatory reporter before this incident—and therefore aware of his duty—or he wasn't; witnessing this one event would not suddenly make him one.
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    Hopefully when all the legal issues are out of the way and all the guilty are punished and out of the way, this school can rise to greatness once again.

    The children are the utmost victims here ofcourse, they deserve justice,compensation,counselling and hopefully one day they will get piece of mind from this and be able to move on with their lives.

    Beyond that, there are many more victims including the students,alumni,faculty and fans etc.
    The pride and dignity has been hurt by this. For some people they live and die for this school,as they should and continue to do so. As long as they stand together and continue to strive for greatness they will certainly rise above this imo.

    To be honest, the legal proceedings here have been slower and more lenient than I imagined they would be.
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    A Penn State alum called into one of the radio stations yesterday and said they did report it to the police, I think it was the college police, something thats been left out of the story. Still doesnt excuse the guy for not acting immediately when he witnessed Sandusky and the kid in the shower.
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    Excellent piece on what went wrong at PSU and sadly why.

    Joe Paterno: The Blind Eye Of Betrayal - Arrowhead Addict - A Kansas City Chiefs Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more

    And going forward, I have zero sympathy for the so called other victims including the students, alumni, faculty and fans etc. whose foolish pride and phony dignity has been hurt by this. Choosing to live and die for any school is something they and all football fans should get over because the goal should not be to rise above anything uncontionable that happens in their insular little Happy Valley ever again.
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  14. Wolfpack

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    Well that has been left out of the grand jury's Findings of Fact too and it's been "left out" because it's not true. The grand jury's Findings specifically state it was never reported to university police or any police agency.

    So you'll have to forgive me if I accept the findings of the grand jury over the 3rd hand report of some anonymous alum on some talk radio station.
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    This is called playing semantics - Gary Shultz one of the administrators who knew and is now under indictment ran a large department at Penn St. and the campus police were part of that department.
  16. Patsfanin Philly

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    A friend of mine recently toured the campus with his son, a prospective student before this situation arose and he described it perfectly. It is like a cult out there in an isolated community where Coach Joe and the football program are deified and could do no wrong. The students buy into it and live by the "we are Penn state " mantra. In that kind of atmosphere, it is easy to see how blind eyes are turned to transgressions by their 'heroes/idols" no matter how heinous......


    Your not a closet Arrowhead Addict are you Mo? ;)
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    Let's sign JoePa as our "gameday consultant!"
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    This is without a doubt the most disgusting viewpoint ever expressed on this board.
    To truly understand this, since this poster has a history of citing literal definitions of words, I went ot dictionary.com to make sure I understand what he is trying to say.
    Here is the appropriate definition

    without foundation in fact; imaginary; fictitious: The explanation was entirely mythical.

    The other refer back to the definition of myth, which is:

    any invented story, idea, or concept: His account of the event is pure myth.
    4. an imaginary or fictitious thing or person.

    5. an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution.


    That moral compass is pointed straight at the Jeffrey Dahmer pole.

    Deus Irae, are you seriously telling me that in your set of morals if a man is anally raping a defenseless child your moral standards say it is a fallacy that you have a responsibility to do something to stop it?
    Are you seriously defending the moral right of a grown man to rape a young defenseless boy?
    This post literally made me vomit.

  20. Jackson 2

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    McQueary and Sandusky both coached together at Penn State Boys Football Camp in the summer as recently as 2006. In the course of that employment, they most certainly came into contact with children.

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