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There it is. This puts the pressure back squarely on Green Bay. Love it.


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There's that nifty lateral and chuck McVay ran a few weeks ago. Hook and ladder, I think it's called??

EDIT: I jut remembered the Fins ran that on us too.
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Rams defense is exactly the kind that gives him trouble.
Not this time it won’t. Bucs are a different team than the one the Rams beat earlier in the season.

I’ve been saying it for a month now. It’s their year and they’re winning it all. No doubt in my mind.


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GB continues to scramble Rams with the motioning they do.

Isolate on backside of the 3 x 1 and a quick slant to Adams who beats Ramsey.


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Most of GB's offense has been out of the 3 x 1 but they're doing pretty creative things with it- a lot of wrinkles and adjustments.