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Divisional Round GDT: Rams @ GB

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Green Bay is hoping for NO to beat TB tomorrow as we all know NO folds outdoors.


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My thoughts on this game. i couldn't get to my computer until now sadly. So full disclosure, I predicted an upset of 23-19 Rams over GB. So obviously I was wrong about that. But, I only backtrack so much. I made that prediction because it was my understanding that Aaron Donald would play and be 95% at least, just playing through pain. And that Kupp would be in the game too. So those two things didn't happen. Would they have been enough to swing a game that ended 32-18 to 19-23? Probably not, but I think I would have been pretty damn close.

A few things happened that could have made that score possible. Those back to back drop ints to allow GB to get 3 more points at the half. That was pretty huge and would have saved 3 points right there. Both of those plays should have been made. Personally I didn't feel Aaron was particularly shape today. I also think that 58 yard TD would not have been given up the way it was if the Rams weren't down and running out of time. They gambled cause they had to, went 1 on 1 down the field, and got burned. Too bad. Before that the game was within 7, but the Packers had proven they could and would drive down the field slowly and end the game that way, so I think the Rams were right to risk it,

The question comes down to, before those last 5 minutes, could Donald himself have made enough of a difference to turn a game that was 25-18 at the time to 18-25? Is he good enough for a 7 point swing like that? I think so. Aaron was under no pressure pretty much all game, and while the Rams back field isn't bad, they depend on their DL getting home within 3 seconds. For the first time this year it let them down, and Rodgers was too good to not punish them for it.

If you put an effect Donald into this game, I think it would have been damn near even late into the 4th, the Rams wouldn't have felt their D had no chance to hold at the end and might not have taken then risk. And everything changes. Too bad we didn't get that game. While that is partly because I would have loved to have called this upset and be proven right, I also would have liked a closer game from a football perspective. Oh well. Gotta admit I was wrong and move on. There will be a lot of hype about GB no matter who they play next week, but personally I think they are vulnerable still. Their OL did well today, but that LT spot is still a concern that wasn't exposed. Both NO and TB have better edge guys to do that. Also both can score with GB a little better than the Bucs. I may well pick another upset next week over GB depending on how the winner of that game looks this sunday.


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If New Orleans wins today I think Green Bay goes to the superbowl. New orleans doesnt seem to do so well outdoors in the cold.

if Tampa Bay wins, IMO its a toss up. Either team could win

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Rams without Kupp and pratically without Donald too had a very tough mission at the frozen tundra and failed

Green Bay earn to be at the Nfc Championship
They are a good team for sure

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Who have they played in those 7 games? They have played a bunch of cup cakes including the titans who can’t stop nobody. They’re a good team but they’re not unbeatable. Rams hung around in this game but that defense was atrocious today. No pressure on Rodgers. They will be a tough out no doubt but the rams playing zone was brutal.
Same can be said for Tampa. Since the kc loss they’ve beaten the vikes falconsX2 lions and WFT. That being said both Bays are playing the best in the NFC right now.