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Deshaun Watson? (UPDATED: Caserio Says Team Has "no interest" in trading him)

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I don't think the Texans would even want Gilmore especially if they are trading their QB and going into full rebuild mode. No point in taking an aging high dollar corner.


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We could never get him. We could throwaway this and the next two years of firsts and seconds and it probably wouldn’t get the deal done. An elite franchise QB is the most valuable commodity in this league. A young one even more so.


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I think Texans would need a HIGH first round pick to start with if they decide they want to rebuild with a Rookie. IF they want to rebuild why would they ship off their franchise QB without any plan in place. Not going to be much there in terms of a "Franchise" type QB at #15.

Dolphins make sense. Send them their own pick back (#4?) and their own first (20-something?) and that is a good START to a deal. Texans would then have two top 10 picks and a third late-first to draft 3 (hopefully) impact players. OR if they like Tua, trade Tua + #4 + original dolphins #1 + some other picks


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So one of the Best QBs in the game for the third best QB in this draft. Even with Tua, I'm not interested If I'm the Texans GM. I know he is still young, but I have seen nothing from him that makes me believe he is capable of becoming a franchise QB. I think his ceiling is middle of the pack type QB. When Ryan Fitzpatrick steps in and the offense gets markedly better, that is not a flattering statement on your abilities as a QB. And the Dolphins are not going to be picking in the top ten again anytime soon. So, outside of the #4 pick this year what do those draft picks really get you? Especially if Watson is there elevating the team's win total, probably making them a playoff team.


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There really is no trade for Watson at this point that makes any sense. That doesn't mean that one or two teams couldn't do something stupid and complete a trade that doesn't make any sense. But that's highly unlikely given that we are talking about a franchise QB. Arguably the most valuable commodity in all of sports.

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Too much money to tie up at the quarterback position. Watson isn't Brady and the cost would be higher.
Any decent QB is going to cost more than Brady. The days of team friendly deals are over.
Why the F would a player be involved with hiring a GM???
The last guy left, partly, because he was "just an employee". He had a little bit of a cache. This kid is going to have input in the GM? yeah, ok.
I would be absolutely shocked if Houston dealt Watson.
Casario's first job will be to smooth this situation out. IMO, Watson's not going anywhere.


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IMO I think a trade with Miami might actually make sense... They could trade #3 and #18 plus a 2nd, and then also trade Tua for a #1 + more elsewhere. So Miami still gets a first rounder and more but an upgrade at QB (IMO). Meanwhile Houston can replace Watson with the #3 getting a high quality QB. Or they could just take Tua if they like him. The cap hit of trading Watson is less painful if a rookie salary is replacing him.


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At the end of the day as a player you are an EMPLOYEE. I'd be more worried if they HAD asked Watson for input on the GM/Coach. How about Watson focuses on what he can control - on the field. No idea how players got so entitled.

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But only $5.4M if he's traded after June 1.
According to over the cap the dead money hit for Watson in 2021 is $67,000,000.
he just sign for 4 years and 154 mill

edit: I guess that’s if he is cut. But the acquiring team will have 40 mill+ cap hits in 22 and 23.
Given what’s going to happen to the cap in 21 and the likelihood that even more revenues may be lost in 21 the 22 cap may shrink even further.


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BB go work under his former assistant GM? lol he wouldn't go. Who would take over? Josh? No thanks!


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We by no means have the supporting cast for Watson.

If he leaves, that’s what he’ll be looking for.