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Deshaun Watson? (UPDATED: Caserio Says Team Has "no interest" in trading him)

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Dec 6th

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NESN basically stretching it here but if Watson is unhappy (deleted tweet) and Caserio is now in the building maybe there is a slim chance? The Texans desperately need to rebuild and don't have any real draft capital due to Bill O. Honest I would do it for 2 1's or some variation of a few high round picks.

Moments after it was reported that Nick Caserio would be hired as the Texans’ newest general manager, franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson sent the greater Houston area into unrest when he fired off a since-deleted vague tweet.

“some things never change…”

Watson signed a four-year, $156 million contract extension in September. The Texans would lose cap space ($5.7 million) by trading Watson before June 1. They’d only absorb a $21.6 million dead cap hit, however.



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Lol if watson is traded he’ll be in the AFC East playing for Miami. Miami can offer the 3rd pick, 18th pick, and two 2nd rounders this year as well as throwing in Tua


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can you see Caserios first move in Houston being to trade Deshaun Watson to New England, where he just came from?

Yeah, neither can I ...

The whole idea is silly and besides, he would most likely be murderized multiple times... and no houston area jury would convict the perpetrators


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Lol if watson is traded he’ll be in the AFC East playing for Miami. Miami can offer the 3rd pick, 18th pick, and two 2nd rounders this year as well as throwing in Tua

miami trading all of houstons picks back to them ... lol, look! Its Draft Day in real life!

that would be funny though


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Trade Divashaun Watson. They don’t need the drama.

Especially if you could get five first round picks from the Patriots. We owe Caserio a solid.


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First off I think Watson is a great talent, hard worker, and would love it if he was the Pats QB.

Now let me tell you why it is never going to happen......

It seems this all started when after annoucing the hiring of Caserio, Watson tweeted "some things never change" I would take this to mean that the Texans have once again gone to NE to get their HC, GM, or holistic spiritual guidance. Obviously Watson is not on board with the "Patriot Way" and some people think the answer to this is to demand a trade to the Patriots?? Yeah, Watson doesn't want to come here, and the Pats don't have the draft capital to get him.


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I wouldn't trade him if he demanded it anyway. You talk your way through it with him. He's too good. If somehow they were to trade him we don't have enough capital to make it happen and the optics of trading him to NE would prevent the deal even if we did.


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The Watson-Texans relationship was just as bad if not worse last offseason and culminated in one of the richest contracts in NFL history. I don't think he's going anywhere.

While the Patriots would be smart to look into it if the option was there, I don't think it is. The Texans have exactly 2 major positives going for them, and one could be leaving soon (Watt). It seems pretty suicidal to get rid of the other when he's just 1 year into a megadeal.

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His base salary in '22 is $35 mill
This would exceed Bill's salary by a few mill
Bill would be inconsolable


Fitzmagic it is


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If true, Watson is either an idiot or his Agent/Manager is giving him horrible advise. Why would you sign long term deal when you saw the team was deteriorating before your very eyes? More players need to follow what the NBA players (LeBron James) are doing and holding their teams accountable by signing shorter deals and forcing the teams hand on how they are going to build around them. Signing a long term deal then complaining isn't going to work dude. Texans got him on the hook.

On the flip side, you could be a rare case like Dak Prescott, not come to an agreement long term and now will have to play on a prove it deal. Also, Agents should advise their Clients (1st round picks and possibly 2nd rounders) to negotiate the removal of the Franchise Tag when their rookie deal is up as this does not benefit the player (see Dak Prescott).