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Deshaun Watson accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

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Sep 12th

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Bill Lee

What, me worry?
And this is why I don't get massages.

My old fat ass could use a legit massage every few weeks.

But I don't want the BS that comes along with it. The thought of what she did in the previous appointment, and then touching me. Or the mother outside with her kids in the nice neighborhood thinking the worst cause a masseuse pulled up.

If they cleaned up their industry, they'd gain a bunch of business.
What a :poop: take.

If you can deal with the public shame of being a jete fan, you should be able to deal with whatever shame you think is associated with massage therapy.

There's plenty of ways to find legitimate, licensed massage therapists that DO NOT do anything sexual just for the reason you suggest, they would be stigmatized if they did.

That's what makes this Watson case so clearly abnormal, the dude would just have one or two massage therapists if he was after a legitimate massage instead of kinky thrills.

Too bad you can't figure out how to get a legitimate massage, because if you did, you'd realize it is a really, really helpful thing.


Pro Bowl Player
:poop: being thrown at Solis:

Breaking news: People on social media are assholes. Details at 11.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
... Reliant Energy released a statement on Wednesday saying that Watson will no longer be a brand ambassador for the company. NRG Energy, the parent company of Reliant, has the naming rights to the Texans stadium in Houston.

“Reliant is aware of pending civil lawsuits and a criminal investigation involving Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans quarterback,” the statement said, via Aaron Reiss of “Our relationship with Watson as a brand ambassador was scheduled to end this spring prior to these allegations, and there are no plans for future engagements or contracts with him...

Reliant Energy will not continue working with Deshaun Watson as brand ambassador - ProFootballTalk

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OK ... let's just ignore each other as I honestly don't see this ending well.
Go Away Reaction GIF
But I enjoy their friendly banter.

Maybe move this to a chat room.

"I'm here for an argument..."

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry this is Abuse..."