David Andrews about to Sign Extension

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Dec 6th

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I wish Giardi hadn't broken this story.

Im growing to dislike him immensely

He's literally starting to turn into..nevermind..HAS turned into a fanboy/bromancer regarding JG and MB. It's actually getting embarrassing on a professional level.

Also, kudos to Andrews. Proves he's MILES away from Butler regarding his view of contract and self worth. Also, the great and enviable position he is in.


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I like Andrews. He's really worked hard to earn his way up to where he is now.

I haven't always loved what I've seen from his play out on the field at times, but in all fairness it's easy to forget he's only played two seasons.

Bill and co. must really like what they see in his development going forward, so I'll take that as a vote of confidence in what he can become in the future here.
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