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Broncos request permission to speak to jerod mayo

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
If the Broncos hire Mayo, there is no compensation. It is weird that Mayo gets more play as a head coach than McDaniels or Steve Belichick. Probably less about the Xs and Os, but Mayo is more a natural leader from what I have heard about him.


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Maybe Mayo gets hired and hires Steve Belichick as DC. Then we bring back Flores. Meanwhile, also bring back O'Brien to be OC after the current one leaves in 7 days.


denverpatsfan Supporter Supporter
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He was on the list of 9 prospective head coaches they are considering here. Skippy was NOT on that list.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Mayo should be responding with a hearty "Thanks, but no thanks".

Dingleberry Supporter Supporter
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am i one of the only one that hasn't blocked this guys content because the schtick still makes me laugh?

Godchaux stole his lunch money. Bentley stole his girlfriend. And Josh MacD gave him a wedgie.


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Mayo is an interesting selection for them... they just got rid of a defensive minded coach, and are considering another? hmmm... they need a guy who can scout and develop a qb... not sure Mayo is that guy... Don't rightly know a lot about him as a potential HC though... he's not often mentioned in the national news... he's kinda just here... Oh hey, its Jerod...

However, Mayo should absolutely take the interview... he may not get the job, but the experience provided by the interview alone will help better prepare him for future HC candidacies... knowledge is power, makes it a valuable learning tool imo...

Is he linked to any other job openings?

DarrylS Supporter Supporter
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I really like Mayo and had hoped he would be heir apparent to BB when he retires.

I think he needs more seasoning, howsa BB had a talk with him and asks him to be ST's coordinator next year to help round out his resume.. and also tell him that if he does well he will support him to replace him when he retires..