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BGC 2022 IDL/PTP Thread

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Dec 6th

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IDL/PTP thread

Like last year, it's not the strongest class but a few nice prizes up top. And like last year I wouldn't be surprised to see us make a move to get a top prospect rather wait on a weaker classes depth.

Davis is definitely one of those prizes in this years class. Being big doesn't equate to stopping the run or being an impact player in today's game. You need motor, aggressiveness and lateral movement skills. Davis might not ever be an impact pass rusher but he's all of the above and can disrupt a line for sure.

Just an unbelievably big boy at 6'6 340 but he's an athlete at that size. Carries it well. He really took his game to another level this year in terms of flash plays. The motor and aggression you want to see consistently from a guy that size. Look he'll probably always be on a snap count if you're smart but that's cool with me if I can get 40-50 Terminator reps a game. Agile big boy, light, nimple feet. Can be used on stunts inside. He'll never stop on a dime but he can change direction and move east / west. Love the motor. He'll show up down field angry making plays.

Inconsistent first step but it's to be expected at his size. He can jump a snap. Inconsistent but decent get off for his size.

Makes use of what length he has. I'll be interested to see this. I usually look for still photos and try to see how far past the hip someone's hand is. He utilizes what he has well. He's a bench pressing machine and reps out fast. He'll continue to punch, push a OL'm out of the way. Power paws. Bill loves guys that can shock you with their hands (Spikes, Barmore, HT) and Davis has strong hands. Good punch placement and extension. He'll work for better position as the rep moves goes on.

Tries to knock down passes and is aware of the play, eyes are up looking at the QB.

The intriguing thing about him and Barmore is that you could never double Barmore. Even on 3rd dkwn. He might not be your typical 3rd down player but his power, motor and hands are problem every down and it's really impossible not to devout max attention towards him. Just to mix it up I'm definitely not restricting him. 2 gap eater very rarely moved backwards. Knows to attack doubles. Resets the line even if he can't get to the QB.

Loved in the locker room by coaches and players. Has the respect in both his and visiting locker rooms. Other coaches understand his impact on that defense and what he's done for guys like Dean, Cine, Tindall. Smart talks him up and he should. He really allows you to get away with certain things if you have the athletes they do.

He thrive and survive in a multiple front of odd/even. He is who he is but has played 3T in Smart's system and Bill doesn't exactly ask his to rush the passer at times either. You can move him around a bit. Especially with guys like Barmore and Judon next to him. That could be a scary group.

Like his push / pull and would like to see him use it and develop it more. He needs one more go-to and a good counter imo. Again this will never be a strong point but has a little potential. Again strong active hands can disengage and get off blocks.

Seems like a smart player that is not only ready for but expecting half of what he sees. Power misdirection, he's ready.

There's a few other big boys we could grab and some disruptive 3T & others I'll talk about here. Let me know your favorites and who you like. There's plenty of athleticism in this group that most would probably include Leal in as well.

Should have a PTP list/board up in a few weeks fwiw.

Tier 1
Jordan Davis - 6'6/340 - Georgia

Perrion Winfrey - 6'3/300 - Oklahoma

Tier 1B
Travis Jones - 6'4/335 - UCONN

Tyler Davis - 6'2/300 - Clemson

D.J. Davidson - 6'4/325 - ASU

Zacch Pickens - 6'3/300 - South Carolina

Mosiah Nasil-Kite - 6'2/305 - Maryland

Thomas Booker - 6'4/310 - Stanford

Devonte Wyatt - 6'3/315 - Georgia

Cory Durden - 6'5/320 - NC State

Jermayne Lole - 6'1/310 - ASU

Mazi Smith - 6'3/330 - Michigan

Haskell Garrett - 6'2/300 - OSU

Phidarian Mathis - 6'4/315 - Alabama

Tier 2
Jayden Peevey - 6'6/300 - TAMU

John Ridgeway - 6'6/320 - Arkansas

Nathan Pickering - 6'4/310 - Mississippi St

Dashaun Mallory - 6'2/345 - Michigan St

Eyioma Uwazurike - 6'6/310 - Iowa St

DJ Dale - 6'3/310 - Alabama

Marquan McCall - 6'3/380 - Kentucky

Chris Hinton - 6'4/305 - Michigan

Tier 3
Scott Matlock - 6'4/300 - Boise St

Jaxon Player - 6'/300 - Tulsa

Dion Novil - 6'4/330 - North Texas

Taron Vincent - 6'2/300 - OSU

Trevon Mason - 6'5/310 - Arizona

Matthew Butler - 6'4/300 Tennessee

Neil Farrell - 6'4/320 - LSU

Keir Thomas - 6'2/275 - FSU

T'Vondre Sweat - 6'4/350 - Texas

Tier 4
Jowon Briggs - 6'1/310 - Cincinnati

Jayson Ademilola - 6'3/280 - Notre Dame

Lamonte McDougle - 6'/290 - UTSA

Dom Peterson - 6'/300 - Nevada

Ben Stille - 6'5/300 - Nebraska

Ralph Holley - 6'2/285 - Western Michigan

Kevin Atkins - 6'3/320 - Fresno St

Tyarise Stevenson - 6'3/350 - Tulsa

P.J. Mustipher - 6’4/325 - PSU

Aaron Faumui - 6'1/285 - Virginia

Devonnsha Maxwell - 6'2/300 - Chattanooga

Mustafa Johnson - 6'2/290 - Colorado

Jordan Williams - 6'4/310 - Va Tech

Jaylon Haynes - 6'2/290 - UTSA

Damarcus Elliott - 6'3/330 - Indiana

Nico Ezidore - 6'2/290 - Texas St

CJ Brewer - 6'2/290 - Coastal Carolina

Will Choloh - 6'/290 - Troy

Ifeanyi Maijeh - 6'2/285 - Rutgers

Kenny Turnier - 6'4/285 - TCU
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Ochmed Jones

Pro Bowl Player
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Keondre Cobern of Texas could be the run stuffer we need.
He needs help with technique, but we could pick him up on day 3 and after a red shirt year, have a run stuffing monster!

Ochmed Jones

Pro Bowl Player
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Was shopping at the dollar tree yesterday and found an interesting nose tackle in the bargain bin.

frank Clark of the Green Bay packers has a little brother playing for Alabama state as a nose tackle. The younger Clark looks to be about 6 foot 1 and about 370 pounds. He plays the run really well and can handle double teams.

could be an interesting undrafted free agent signing.