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BGC 2022 IDL/PTP Thread

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Ochmed Jones

Pro Bowl Player
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner

I like him. I think he's raw but could be extremely disruptive alongside Barmore. I think he'll probably go in 5th round, and depending on who we've selected prior to that, I would be happy to use a 5th round pick on him

I think he needs to be in a 4-3 to realize his full potential.

captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
I'd love to hear from either one of you how it makes a difference. Some detail. OJ half the stuff you post makes little sense and Capt I'd love to hear you articulate it.

Articulate what? We need a Legit Wide-Ass at DT if we ever expect to stop the run better than we've been doing it lately; and any prospect at 320+ has my attention...