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BGC 2021 Pre-Draft/Patriot-Type Prospect(s) thread

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He's apparently scored the highest ever on a sports learning aptitude test. I'd like to see other scores to compare, but first out of 6500 participants is exceptional. If he is there at four, I would not hesitate to move up. Probably a good thing I'm not in charge, though!
Glad I'm not in charge either. After Lawrence I don't really love any of them. But what do I know?

long distance

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Eric Galko (@EricGalko) Tweeted:
#Tennessee’s Josh Palmer had 101 snaps vs. likely top-three round CBs: Surtain, Horn, Campbell, Stokes and Joseph.

14 of 14 in catching the “catchable balls” in those matchups (per PFF), 11 first downs, 4 TDs, and 16 YPR.

Top-10 WR in the draft for me View attachment 32186

He was around UDFA territory on most boards when i started mocking him ..
Jamin Davis, Payton Turner, Eljah, Eskridge went in the “wrong“ direction as well :) Used to be a lovely D3 crop..

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These guys are such cheap bozos..
He said this specifically in comparison to last year - the first covid year.

Yet mediots made a whole day of BB acknowledging Kraft's comments and taking new improved approach to drafting .. at 69 LOL

And Kraft of course has no idea what he's talking about either re Draft:

Patriots‘ 2020 class was ranked #13.

And their starting position was #23..

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Excited for this. I always like seeing prospects talk, interact. I guess this is a good reason to keep this thread going. Other thread will be up tonight (Pats Big board - specific prospects, who you like, why they make sense/fit, needs for this year or next etc)
Bang 8 = skinny post btw.


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Should J-Ville be concerned with Lawrence's Dad comments that Trevor could walk away from football tomorrow and be fine with it?
Interesting. I had to look that up. It was Trevor’s coach that made that comment. Trevor’s father said that he’s not a “win the Super Bowl at all costs” type.



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Interesting. I had to look that up. It was Trevor’s coach that made that comment. Trevor’s father said that he’s not a “win the Super Bowl at all costs” type.

Jesus, no red flags there...

*cough cough* Leaf *cough cough*

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
Should J-Ville be concerned with Lawrence's Dad comments that Trevor could walk away from football tomorrow and be fine with it?
No. The bs over his interview, speculation about this or that is nonsense.

1)You're not drafting his father.

2)Lawrence isn't driven by what others say. He's not reading headlines or listening to radio shows. He's self-motivated. That's the hardest critic to please/face, yourself.

3)There are plenty of "well off" prospects and players that don't need to play in order to have a nice life.

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I don't have any real "sources" or claim to. I talk to a few alums from a few different schools. Take it for what it's worth or don't, no worries.

Heard Oakland loves JOK. No idea how much, first round or not? Seems like a Mayock & Gruden guy?

Supposedly multiple teams love Spencer Brown but Vikings we're mentioned. I have a 2nd on him so wouldn't be surprised to see him go top 40-50. He seems like a Pats guy as well ..

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
Only way I see him being right is if the Jets take Fields at 2 (which I wouldn’t rule out). I’m still not buying the Mac at 3 hype from the media. We’ll have to wait and see.
Most exciting draft in some time. Lots of intrigue. Especially for New England.

Looks like a really good class but how much does Bill like it?

Bunch of teams bad, mid-tier teams with QB's on contract in the top ten (Detroit, Atlanta, Cinci, Mia)


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This is a coincidence.
5. Corner market: Top cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore and J.C. Jackson (restricted free-agent tender) have contracts that expire after the 2022 season, so the position is a "sneaky" need for the Patriots. It's a good year to try to fill it in the 2021 NFL draft (April 29-May 1 in Cleveland, on ESPN and ESPN the App), with South Carolina's Jaycee Horn (son of former NFL receiver Joe Horn) one notable first-round consideration. "This is a year where you can find corners throughout the entire draft. I wouldn't be shocked, right now, if 40 corners were drafted," ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr., said.

What I'm writing in the new thread and been discussed on here.
CB - We've heard Gilmore's name come up in trade talks for a year now. He's up soon and we have a decision on JC as well. This could be future pick considering we probably won't have as much money to spend next year and someone could be gone.

Fortunately for us there are two big boys - prototype day one starters that scream PTP. These guys aren't reaches, have legit first round value. So value and need meet perfectly.
The Gilmore trade talk makes no sense to me, primarily because of the return people are talking about. If it’s not a first rounder I have no interest in it. You get. 3rd just for letting him play it out and sign elsewhere, same goes for Jackson. Depending on how the draft falls I would be more than fine with Horn in the first round, but that’s if some others( Parsons, Paye) are already gone.


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hypotetical questions are killing me :)

id like to answer but maybe it is still too early and other players i prefer might be on the board as well..

I think Collins could really thrive in NE. Paye is as PTP as it gets and can see him as blue chip in NE..

If there was no QB id firmly believe in (which unfortunately from my place i can't) on the board id try to trade down a bit unless Horn, Slater, Waddle f.e. would fall..
I would love to see a Proxy thread that starts at 6 and runs through15, so poster’s here lock in who they want, in order, if for no other reason than posterity. I would like to see the top 5 go:

1) Jax-Lawrence

2) Jets-Wilson

3) S.F.-Jones

4) Atl—Pitts

5) Cincy-Chase

at this point I think both Miami and Detroit would be in play to trade down, as I think the 2 guys Miami really wants would be gone, and Detroit needs to fill a lot of holes.

My Proxy list starting at this point would start out something like:

1) T. Lance QB N.D.St.

2) J. Fields QB OSU

3) K Paye Edge Michigan

4) M.Parsons LB PSU

5) J. Horn CB S. Car.

6) P. Sewell OT Ore

7) Trade down

This is an example of how people could structure it, they could list all the prospects they would take at #15, cut it off with “ trade down” once they are out of prospects they would take, and start it back up if they actually do trade down with a new proxy list running to that pick.

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
Simms is good at what he does. It's about attention, presentation > being right and accurate. Simms is a lot smarter than me but it's obvious he isn't digging into these guys. Just take draft advice with a grain of salt from guys that aren't 24/7. I know that sounds I certain way but it's true. Most of these guys, media big shots do a sprint watching these guys. There's no way they're watching 4-5 games on each guy, 200-300 prospects and coming out with a solid eval. He is a smart guy though.

I also wanted to say a few things about the process & eval prospects. Another awful back-up QB tried "gatekeeping" watching prospects, film etc.

Surprisingly I get a few DM's on Twitter, once & a while here and want to say don't pay attention to those guys. They're feeling a type of way, insecure. It happens with Dan O once and a while too.

Its football, it's very hard to soak up, you've never done in terms of knowledge but it's hardly the toughest thing on earth to learn. The way some talk you might as well be shaking. I'm not the most confident person but there's reason I can't learn & understand a good bit. Don't be intimidated by guys that absolutely terrible. I'm not trying to be a coach, QB, just have an understanding. Don't be afraid, it's obviously not for everyone but it's not curing cancer for crying out loud.

Personally, my genuine opinion and thoughts are it's not the end all be all to eval prospects. Honestly and I can't say this enough. I don't want to be clouded by anything. I've talked to a bunch of coaches, coaches assistants and they all have a type. Most are caught up in getting certain players to make their job easier. I don't want to hear that noise just like I'm not reading mock drafts, reports or listening to 90% of draft coverage. Mock drafts are useless and most everyone else is consensus with respect. It's not hard to spot. Especially the people who have 17 different rankings through the cycle. Man I'm jealous of them, hard to be wrong when never ever officially saying anything.

Anyway don't let guys like Sage matter. Usually I don't even mention these creeps. Also as someone who works along side electricians, carpenters, pipe fitters and every other trade let me say this. The best guys will admit it's not rocket science if you're willing to put in the work. They'll be more than willing to help you learn.