Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest, Week 4 NE @ KC

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Pick Results: NE: 89.4% at LAC: 10.6%

Dec 6th

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Chiefs 32
Pats 20

It would have been a tough game under normal circumstances and with Cam. Going with the over and the Chiefs to beat the spread.


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Hoyer and Newton have both been in the league for a long time and currently, in the ultimate meritocracy (NFL), have roughly the same base pay...therefore Hoyer is similar to Cam.

Good Guys: 27
Bad Guys: 26


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Going to be a tough one tonight, don't think I've ever picked against the Pats lol family is going to. kill me

Chiefs: 34
Pats: 20


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If I’m being honest the Pats have a lot stacked against them this game.

But I’ve never picked against the Pats in this contest so no point starting now.

Pats 31
Chiefs 30

Let’s gooooooo


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Chiefs - 31
Pats - 20

I hope like hell it turns out the other way around


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Are the week 4 results out?
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