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After 17 long years on the waitlist..I finally got the email

2021 Patriots Season:
Upcoming Opponent:
Next Up: vs Dolphins
Pick Results: MIA: 0% at NE: 0%

Sep 12th

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When they mail the tix do they let you know and do you need to sign for them? Curious
You'll get an e-mail from the Patriots that they're being mailed out. I've never had to sign for them as best I can recall, they're delivered to my P.O. Box at the post office. They usually arrive in late July before the first preseason game.


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Four more years for me then! Yay


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I guess timing is everything. I got on the list in Nov., 1999 when they were talking about moving the team to Hartford(put them an hour closer to me). I was told at the time there were 10,000 people on the wait list. That list got so large I think because of the excitement from the the 96 Superbowl. But after an 8-8 season in 99 and a 5-11 season in 2000 I think I moved up quickly on the list. Then after the 2001 Superbowl the list began to mass and by 2005 the list was over 50000 I'm told. I actually got my tickets in 2009 and this year will be my 10th year with them. Congratulations. 17 years is a long time, especially now for wait list members because they ended the first dibs on the ticket exchange.


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Congrats! I joined in 2009 when i was first able to scrape $100 together for the deposit. I imagine you were right in the middle of the big signup wave, so I'm a bit worried Ive got another decade or two to get before I can celebrate the way you are now.

Enjoy it!

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When they mail the tix do they let you know and do you need to sign for them? Curious


I saw this was already answered but I wanted to use it as an excuse for me to write how lucky I feel to be able to greatly anticipate receiving my 53rd batch of Patriots Season tickets (48 consecutively since 1971 when Schaeffer opened and a few additional seasons before that, one at BU field, 2 at Fenway, one at BC and one at Harvard)!!

Still going strong.......

PS - no, you do not have to sign for them~!!


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Congrats! First section we had season tickets was 325 so I loved that section. First game with those tickets was the first game in Gillette raising the banner vs the Steelers. Last game in that section was the 09 Baltimore playoff game. Moved to the 200 level but I liked 325 better bc we had the first row on the lower part and were right on the aisle. Could time the bathroom and beer runs and not miss any plays. Enjoy the season. Only bad part is the visiting fans are in the next section
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