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2015 Week One Post-Game Thread - Patriots 28, Steelers 21

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Sep 12th

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Post all your knee-jerk reactions and insightful analysis on Thursday night's victory over the Steelers here.


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With this game in the books that closes the book on this nonsense in the offseason and thank gawd for that.

Lots of things to like.

A few concerns but all fixable I think especially when people get healthy.
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I'm keeping an eye out for defensive snap counts. Looked like a whole lot of edge defenders getting interior snaps and a lot of Chung in a role where we probably would've expected Mayo. That would add a lot of context to DeAngelo Williams' rushing numbers.


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My major gripe is the db play.

Bill can start his critique by calling out the db's in the film room. They're right there in coverage, i mean RIGHT THERE but they either whiff on the ball, don't look back and get flagged on interference or they don't knock the ball out. That was the most frustrating thing to watch tonight. But we won, i'll take it. Time to go to bed.


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We have a new center, who is very good. The O will be unstoppable. The D on the other hand needs lots of work.


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Butler did pretty good considering it is his first full game and was covering one of the best WR in the game right now. He'll get better with more playing time.
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