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    We may not blitz Brady on Sunday - The Stadium Wall - Buffalo Bills Forums

    Interesting to read the Bills fan forum. The two observations I have is that they have no real idea what they're going to see on Sunday with the new Head Coach, and a roster that averages 3.7 years of NFL experience.

    The debate about blitz or no blitz is a good example of that. There's another thread about Belichick preparing to face the Jets defense since Pettine is the DC.

    I tend to side with the blitz Brady like crazy posters to put pressure on the new receiving corps to be in the right place on hot reads, and because Buffalo's secondary is a bunch of no-names, especially if Jairus Byrd doesn't play due to a foot injury.

    The Bills board is a civil place with a number of astute football people.
  2. Big-T

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    Unlike the Official Bills board, which is full of classless morons who have spent the last week wanting Wilfork, Spikes & Brady's careers ended by dirty plays....after moaning about the Patriots being a dirty team.

    As for blitzing Brady? Stupid idea, I know it's PFF but: https://twitter.com/PFF/status/314443018847531008/photo/1
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    They seem to think Pettine knows how to shut down Brady. I would the overall boxing match went to Brady when he played the Jets the last few years, although Pettine sure did better than most and found a way to stop Brady a few times.

    The Buffalo Bills current defense is exactly like the Jets from 2009-12 besides the actual players that are involved in the plays. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)
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    Not blitzing Brady IMHO is the only chance you have to beat him, unless you've got BOTH a shut-down corner AND a pass rush. You've got to make Brady go to his second, third or fourth option to have a shot. Again, JMHO. Look at his stats when blitzed... friggin' lights out.
  5. KontradictioN

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    Bump and run coverage with a four man rush that actually succeeds in getting in Brady's face with disciplined coverage in the flats and intermediate areas of the field has been the way to beat him the last few years. With the bump and run, I would expect that our smaller WR's not named Welker having limited success getting a release off jams at the LOS was the reason for going bigger and stronger at the WR position. We'll see if it pays off. Blitzing isn't the way to go. Brady historically has eaten defenses alive when they blitz him.
  6. oldrover

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    Agreed. Branch got zero separation, and Lloyd not much more. The kids should do better.
  7. Rob0729

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    Pettine's defense with the Jets relied on a secondary that could cover single man coverage. In the last playoff game between the Pats and Jets, they did generate mediocre pass rush and were able to flood the center of the field and give Brady no options. With Gilmore and Byrd out, I don't think he will have that on Sunday.

    One thing that is different this time around (at least in theory) is that the Pats now have a couple of outside receivers which makes it different to cover them in the secondary. You run Dobson and Thompkins (or possibly Vereen as we have seen with his fade routes) on the outside and the old way of stopping the Pats' offense is no longer effective. That is assuming they are effective outside.

    I don't think the Bills will blitz much because their secondary is undermanned this weekend. As we have seen with the Pats in recent years, you cannot do a lot of blitzes if you can't trust your secondary. If the Bills blitz a lot, they better get pressure on Brady or the Pats are going to put 40 plus points on them because the Bills' two best secondary players are going to be out this weekend.
  8. goheels22002

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    The Bills are saying that their best defensive back, Jairus Byrd will "probably miss" Sunday's game against the Patriots.

    That seems right since they signed 30-year-old Jim Leonhard last night. All good.

    Buffalo Bills adding safety Jim Leonhard - ESPN

    It would be nice to see the young guns have a good opening game on the road. We ought to get to see a good battle between Leodis McKelvin, a big corner, and Aaron Dobson. It's nice to think about having an athletic guy outside the numbers who is 4" or 5" taller than the guy who is covering him for a change.
  9. Big-T

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    McKelvin is JUNK on the outside and better covering the slot so I hope they try putting him on a Pats receiver who can get deep.

    Maybe we get to see Thompkins do this to him (and Chris Houston is a lot better player and he got made to look a mug):


    I don't know who the other Bills corner will be so can't really comment on that.

    Jim Leonhard? LOL he couldn't cover a TE 2 years ago and he's had knee problems since then! He isn't going to have a prayer now.

    Mario Williams might offer them something and Kyle Williams will - he's a very under rated DT so the interior will have to make sure he's nullified.

    If Pettine wants to blitz then let him, Vereen might be torching his defense again just like Thanksgiving.
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    With all due respect to the RBs, would anyone else here mind seeing Brady connect on, say, 5 TDs of 20+ yards? :D

  11. JMC00

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    It's either Ron Brooks (2nd year guy) or Justin Rogers (3rd year guy). Unless the undrafted rookie Nickey Robell has surpassed them on the depth chart.

    I doubt Brandon Burton, who was cut on cutdown day from the Vikings has gone in there in 2 days and surpassed any of the other CB.

    Well after Byrd it's either Da'Norris Searcy, Duke Williams (rookie) or Jonathan Meeks (rookie)

    Not to mention the other starting S Aaron Williams, this is his first year as a S as he switched from CB to S this offseason.
  12. BlueThunder

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    This should be a good game to give the rookies confidence. ( Sudfeld,Thompkins,Boyce,Dobson,Francis,Vellano,Buchanan,Collins and Beauharnis).

    Wonder which ones will be inactive?
  13. Brady_to_Moss

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    If you don't blitz brady...you will lose 95% of the time..you can't give him 8 seconds in the pocket.

    A bills fans i know on another forum says 31-21 bills. How on earth will the bills get 31 pts? And how do the pats only get 21 with gilmore and maybe byrd out as well
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    Personally (if these stats are true) i think this is a really crystallising view of the pats issues the past season or two.

    Basically if you sit back and man cover our WR's, we are in trouble if WW doesn't get open. You rush 4 and Double Wes it has been hard for our other WR's to beat that 1 on 1 coverage.

    Throw a Blitz at TB and he's experienced enough to know where to put the ball.

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