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Aug 22, 2014 at 12:12 AM
    1. Darolyn72
      Why have I been blocked from 2011 Offseason.
    2. the wrothbroughterer
      the wrothbroughterer
      I've got a suggestion for the Draft Talk forum. There have been a lot of mocks posted and the page gets kind of congested. It might be a good idea to make a stickied thread where people can post their mocks. I used to be a mod on the Pats, Red Sox, and Celtics forums at ProSportsDaily.com and that usually worked out pretty well when each sport had its respective draft.
    3. Mark Morse
      Mark Morse
      I'm interested in your opinion of the roster moves. You convinced me of the merits of Izzo amd Alexander, but I was right about Ventrone, Guyton and Slater making it and Hobson and Jackson going. I was shocked they kept three TE's as well as CJ Jones. The Lynch, Welbourn and Flynn mopves were strictly because of the guaranteed salary. I expect two or all three to back in week 2. Thats two or three more moves.

      You were right about Cassel and Redd getting through waivers.
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