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    1. IllegalContact
      I hate you.....

      no, seriously.......I've never been happier eating my words.....at least for 1 week
    2. NinjaZX6R
      Just want to say, you are awesome. Keep up the good work!
    3. marcr
      Hey Rob big fans finally making the drive to the new stadium for Giants game. We are huge tailgaters and am looking for the best/closest off site lot so we can begin the day at 6am. Can you offer some insight as we have 5-6 vehicles but need 8-9 hoursa of quality pre and post game tailgate. Thank yo very much
    4. prentice mccray
      prentice mccray
      It's Tom Curran. I spend a fair amount of time here and have since, damn, I don't know. Ask Ian. I know you're on here a lot too and pay attention to the way we do our jobs. Which is welcome.

      I do get defensive about who my sources are because it's just not appropriate to ask a reporter in front of a radio audience. I was pissed.

      But consider this: I've been on this beat 15 years. I know everyone in the organization by now. My reputation is pretty good with ownership, coaches and players. I'm not going to risk that or a reputation I worked hard to build with shoddy info from ****ty sources.

      Check my track record on injuries over the past few years and the detail I provide. Brady's foot, Warren's hip, Haynesworth in preseason, Brady's knee too.

      Anyway, thanks for following all of us. Just wanted to let you know when I get defensive it's not because I'm not believing my source it's that you tell who your source is or give up too much you lose the source.

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