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PatsFans.com Supporter, 94

PatsFans.com Supporter

Since 1992, the "Bible" of progressive music! www.progressionmagazine.com May 29, 2014

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Sep 19, 2014 at 12:44 AM
    1. Tunescribe
    2. Tunescribe
    3. Dingleberry
      It's been a pleasure fending off the race-baiting posse with you. That was bizarre. And thanks for joining in the limericks. I'll be back tonight to bump the thread....this place needs some humor badly!
    4. Bill B.
      Bill B.
      Hi, Tunescribe. I am a huge fan of progressive music and I just ordered a subscription to your magazine. I am in my mid-50s and still love progressive and metal music. The bands I like are Fates Warning, Dream theater, King's X, OSI, and Symphony X. I also like some lesser known bands like Riverside, Darkwater, 3, Pendragon and Kino. Last CDs I got was Opeth's "Heritage" and the latest from Lacuna Coil. I am also a fan of jam bands like Widespread Panic and Rory Gallagher. I am looking forward to receiving the next issue. Do you have a back issue that has anything about Arch/Matheos? Their release last year was one of the best progressive metal CDs I have heard.
      Thanks a lot,
      Bill B.
    5. nikkinicole
      I was asked to post them.
    6. dalero
      Hi, Being a lover of all kinds of music, I'd really like to check out your magazine. When you get a chance could you please pm me the name of it. Thanks, Dale
    7. Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      we have to keep nothing alive!!!!
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