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    From the Jets message boards:

    Is Mangini considered a Rat? Or is the Robert Kraft spin machine at it again?


    As most of you have seen, spygate has now been completely flipped in terms of who the "good" guys are and who the "bad" guys are from where we were last week. Somehow at this point in time, more attention seems to be focused on the man who allgedgly uncovered the illegal videotaping instead of focusing on the man who actually DID the illegal videotaping. The question is this: Where is this all coming from?

    Last week, the only people that were calling Eric Mangini a rat lived in the New England area (or in a few cases, were Patriot fans not from Boston). Now at this point, it seems to be something that a lot of "experts" or writers (columnists and beat writers alike) are running with. Are there really NFL coaches that would rather make their lives harder by letting the New England Patriots have an unfair advantage (as if they weren't good enough already)? Would these coaches prefer to have to change their defensive signals every single game (and even change their signals at halftime) instead of focusing on the actual gameplan and any halftime adjustments? All for the sake of breaking an unwritten code against a coach that is pretty well despised throughout the league? Who are these unnamed sources and coaches coming out against Mangini?

    I submit to you that this is coming from somewhere else. As many of you know, Robert Kraft prides himself on not just building a good team in New England but one that is viewed as squeaky clean and one that "all New Englanders can be proud of". How many years during the dynasty were the Patriots considered to be have not just great players, but classy as well (only to hear Titans officials complain about the team running up the score last year as well as the Patriot players doing the sack dance to rub it in against the Chargers after their playoff victory)? Wasn't this the same man that allowed Bill Parcells to draft Christian Peter (a known sex offender) and then released him and threw Parcells under the bus after the backlash?

    Perhaps this is why Peter King and Selena Roberts (among others) came out with this Mangini rat scenario. As we've seen with Peter King in the past, he feels the Patriots can do no wrong (on or off the field). Selena Roberts going back to last year had an axe to grind with Eric Mangini (around the same time that the initial Bellichick-Mangini fued was going on). Perhaps this is why this story has all of a sudden turned into playground tattle tale antics. Perhaps this is why the NFL coaches are being considered 'mafia' types in terms of not 'ratting people out'.
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    LOL, so funny. Especially the so-called "lazy" coaches who would rather gameplan than steal signals. I guarantee this Jets fan. Mangini is NOT one of the lazy coaches. I'm sure he's doing everything he can to beat the Patriots. It's not enough, but I'm sure Mangini isn't hanging out at Artie Bucco's every night.

    I also loved the idea that Kraft oversees every draft pick that Belichick makes. ROFL!
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    Wonderful !
    Doesn't read like an amateur's work.
    Could this grievance emanate from Weeb Ewbank Hall?

    If so ... means Manjudas for sure is squirming.
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    How'd you like to be Peter King, being ripped on both Jets and Pats boards for allegedly being biased? Amazing.
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    Disable Jersey

    Well, he's earned it. He's been terrible on this story.

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