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Wildcard Weekend Wrap up

2021 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: at Chargers
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Oct 31st

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Next year, if they add another team, the NFL could call it Super Duper Wild Card weekend. It would be the Wildest of all Wild Cards.


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Packers have been installed as a td favorite over the rams. That’s a high number. I am taking the rams and the points.
I looked into that game already, I'm going to do a long post on the divisional games and give my break down. Long story short, take the points. GB is going to have it tough with the Rams. An upsetting isn't likely, but it is more likely than what I previously thought before I started to dig in and get positive news on the Rams injuries.

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2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I really didn't know who to cheer for in Bills-Colts, but in the end I think it made me happier seeing the Deflategate Liars lose again. They can hang yet another Wild Card Participant banner