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Dec 6th

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To think we took Harry ahead of Metcalf
Either out scouts are ****ty, or they have been given ****ty direction or on offense, the decision makers are over ruling them and going with some intangibles we don't see.


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The reason Wilson is the best QB in the game is because when SEA is down, you (speaking in general) believe they will win because of Russell Wilson’s greatness; when KC is down, you believe they’ll win due to Mahomes (yes, he’s also great), but more so due to his array of weapons
(Hill, Kelce, Watkins, CEH etc...)...

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I just assumed the Vikings kicked the field goal. Couldn't understand why Michaels' call on the 2pt conversion was so dull until I looked at the score. o_O


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The emergence of Metcalf becoming one of the best, if not the best, WR in his 2nd year is painful to watch.

Pats took a big L taking Harry over Metcalf. And it's not like he came out of nowhere as he was by far the most talented WR in the class but teams were too scared on how "raw" he was.

Eagles, Colts and Cardinals massively f***ed that one up taking WR's right before him being the last pick in the 2nd round.


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All we need is Metcalf and Russell Wilson... or Cam, because he's as good a passer as Russell Wilson... right?


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How stupid was Minnesota not kicking a FG? Watch Seattle score now...
When they posted the statistics during the broadcast on win probabilities when going for it on 4th or kicking the FG, was it just me, or did the math weigh in favor of taking the points there?


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Man, we haven’t hit gold at WR in years...
Seattle has been solid with their WR core and Wilson has been playing out of his mind this year.
The guy is having an MVP type of season barring injuries.

I hate that we took Harry over that guy is a beast, Harry needs to really start playing better overall and needs to make an impact. So far he gets lost on this team.

At times I think our scouting and coaching staff sucks at developing WRs.
Welled and Jules were the only ones that I can think of in recent years
Gronk was a skilled player coming out of college and obviously a beast at tight end.
I am disappointed at our WR core other than JE11.
Byrd has been playing better than Harry.


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Oh look it's another week of people whining
about the Pats not drafting a guy coming off neck sugery and only knew how to run one route

I like how to them Harry was a projected 4th rounder and not in most people's top 3 at WR.