[UPDATE: Olsen signs with SEA] Report: Pats trying to get Gronk to comeback; Greg Olsen is plan B

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Feet of glass

Who's the better TE in the passing game?

  1. Izzo running on this feet, and catching balls with his hands
  2. Olsen running on his hands, and catching balls with his feet

Ochmed Jones

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Still think the lack of a true # 1 receiver would've hurt us. Even with Gronk. Tight End wasn't the biggest issue this year.

new did not have anybody that defenses respected down the field. Myers, Harry and Edelman all operate short to intermediate routes,
Dorsett was single covered on almost all his routes.

add in the fact that none of our tight ends could stretch the seam and it is easy to see why our offense became a joke,

but easy fixes abound:

1.) sign aj green
2.) sign pharaoh cooper
3.) draft 2 tight ends - Albert o and either Parkinson or Pinckney.
4.) draft a couple receivers on day 3 to develop long term, reed of Virginia for instance.


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Why the hell would Belichick make him the TE 1? He's old and injury prone. Or is everyone forgetting all them times he got clobbered in the head?


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Everything Gronk has been saying publicly has been about how beat up he was, how the game wasn't fun any longer, how he had lost a step and some weeks 3 steps and on and on. I really think he's done and honestly for his long term health I hope he's done.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Ground isn’t coming back!!!

He’s been consistent letting everyone know how better he feels physically without football so why would he go back to something that makes him miserable.

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The release of #Panthers TE Greg Olsen is official, per the NFL’s transaction wire. So the veteran is a free agent and able to sign with a new team.

Gotta figure the Patriots will be looking into this.

Patriot Missile

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Gronkowski lost more than a step by last season,

not sure it makes sense to bring him back.

oh yeah, it was clearly evident to see, but hos blocking was still very good and he came up with clutch passes vs KC and the Rams when it mattered. Anyone that thinks he’s coming in here for 67 900 and 8 tds is fooling themselves.

Can he still contribute effectively? Can he come up with that clutch catch? Stay healthy? Couple of games where they just needed 1 play like vs KC, but yeah the domino effect can’t be denied. I’d take him in a heartbeat if he was serious about coming back, but I doubt he is.

Retired on top and the game took a tremendous toll on his body. Would be something to see him transform that body back into game shape though.