[UPDATE: Olsen signs with SEA] Report: Pats trying to get Gronk to comeback; Greg Olsen is plan B

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I think that we would have been fine with Gronk, LeCosse, and a draftee.

We should’ve taken a TE at some point in the draft. I would’ve loved a trade up for Fant but who knows it may not have been possible unless we dealt a high pick in 2020 as well to jump ahead of Denver. I want to see what we have in Harris before saying we shouldn’t have passed on Knox. Moreau would’ve been an excellent day 3 pick.


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Gronk is playing games with the media and fans. He will NOT un-retire.

As for Greg Olsen, I'd rather MUCH have Henry or Hooper.

Though have 2 TE's would be nice: Olsen & (Henry or Hooper).

Then, keep another low-end JAG TE (LaCosse as Izzo seems injury prone) or Draft one on the roster.


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If Pats sign Olsen and keep LaCosse they could be known as the Double-Pane Glass of TEs.


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Greg Olsen is 1000x better at color commentary than McFarland... different worlds!

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Former Panthers’ TE Greg Olsen is signing a one-year, $7 million deal that includes $5.5M gtd with the Seahawks, per source. Olsen visited and negotiated with Buffalo, Seattle and Washington but felt most comfortable with the Seahawks.



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Greg Olsen at 5.5Mi is great value.

I used to like that the Patriots stayed out of signings like this, thinking they are being smart to spend their money elsewhere. Now I don’t know if it’s arrogance, stubbornness, or some other flaw for not even kicking tires. LaCosse was cause for a lawsuit by season ticket holders. The tickets do imply a contract that you’ll see professional football players.