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Too Much Rex Ryan is Never Enough

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I didn't like his loud-mouthed approach when he was hired, but I have to admit that Ryan can be pretty entertaining.

I watched part of the "Strikeforce: Miami" MMA event last night and they interviewed Rex, for reasons that escape me. Being in Dolphins territory, he was booed soundly when he was introduced, which he laughed off. Then he closed the interview by saying "Hey, Miami fans, we're going to beat you twice next year." More boos. The guy knows how to get heat from a crowd.

To add to the mental picture, he was wearing a sweat shirt with a what looked like a "Wide Guy" logo.


In the Starting Line-Up
Ryans message to Dolphin fans.

YouTube - Jets Coach Rex Ryan Straight Owns Dolphins/Fins Fans at MMA Strikeforce Interview 1-30-10

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