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The GOAT is gone.

None of could have expected that day Mo Lewis blasted Drew Bledsoe into irrelevance that the kid coming in to pick up the pieces would go on to spend 20 years here redefining what success in this league was.

He brought a franchise that was known for just sort of “being there” into the forefront of legendary NFL teams. He made the Patriots into what the 49’ers, Cowboys, Steelers, and Packers meant to NFL history. There are a generation of fans that will spend the next 50 years talking about how the league seemingly submitted to the will of the Patriots and how they always seemed to find a way.

Brady stepping on the field was the first step to that. We thought our season was over before it really began. Couldn’t have predicted the magical run that started to look like destiny in the snowbowl game and culminated in the dramatic upset of the Greatest Show on Turf. If it just ended there it would have been a fitting and glorious moment in the sun for a franchise that never seemed to have things go their way.

It wasn’t. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Since then it’s been a roller coast. The back to back championships with the longest stretch of consecutive wins, the rivalry with Peyton Manning, undefeated regular seasons, touchdown records, MVP’s, legendary wins, legendary losses, derailing a Legion of Boom would be dynasty, the greatest comeback in NFL history, countless great games, countless unforgettable moments.

Now the ride with Brady has ended. The car stopped. He got out. He’ll go his way. The Patriots will go their way. All good things come to an end. That’s a fact. Someday Brady will be a figurehead for this team on the sidelines, having appreciation nights, in the Pats Hall of Fame, in the Hall of Fame, doing interviews, at events. He’ll be honored as Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Bobby Orr, and Big Papi are. Another figure on all the murals of Boston sports icons.

But it will never have the same magic as being in the heat of this run we just shared with him. Maybe this team will go on to continue winning and be the Yankees of the NFL and we will still bask in the glory of it. But it will never be the same as being there for the start with Brady and every brick he added to the legend of this franchise and every moment he gave us. There will be days where we will sit back and say “god I wish I could just watch one more game of Brady leading this team on the field and knowing everything was taken care of and there was nobody better to trust with the responsibility of it all”.

To put it simply, he gave this franchise, this fanbases, more than we ever could have reasonably asked for. He changed what the name New England Patriots means to every single football fan.

So now that an era of this franchise has ended, I invite you all to share your favorite Tom Brady moments with the rest of us. So we can relive them one more time before the new reality begins and we have to have to deal with a new season.

One last time before the dust settles, let’s appreciate the legend who changed the course of the New England Patriots.


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One last time before the dust settles, let’s appreciate...

One last time???
Yep, you're the first and last. It's all you man.

(in case you don't fully comprehend, check the meter conveniently located below)

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Honestly I think it will take awhile for me to write up an appreciation. Some time and perspective are needed.

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If Bill Parcells was the turning point for this franchise then Brady was the culmination. The person with Belichick who turned this franchise from middle of the road to elite. Thank you GOAT.


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Honestly I think it will take awhile for me to write up an appreciation. Some time and perspective are needed.

This is true. After a few months/years/decades maybe you will gain enough perspective to decide if you like Brady or not.

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I appreciate the thread and the thought, but how could you leave out the best hitter of all time when naming Boston greats?

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How do I appreciate he? Let me count the ways.

I keep trying to come up with the words to describe how incredible the Brady run has been, but there doesn't seem to be any. Those words haven't been invented yet.

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Rewatched 2007 @Miami last night on YouTube when Brady and Moss achieved perfection. What studs!!!!


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Although I won't be chearing for him any longer because he is now a future opponent. I am satisfied, after 6 superbowl wins, what else could you possibly want from him? Let the goat go. Over the last 20 years, things went a lot better than I could ever dream.

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I wish the GOAT well. I hope he does well at Tampa except whenever they are playing the Pats.
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