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BB didn't think he was and I don't care what Kraft says.
I agree. But, since NE was moving on, I’m glad Brady will (reportedly) net 30M$. He deserved to “be wanted” and “well compensated”.

Was starting to wonder if there was no market and that would’ve been a bit sad.

Having said that - YES - BB’s opinion interesting, Kraft’s opinion, useless.


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After the first 8 games last year ... I remember posting how expectations needed to be reset. 8-0 start and defense was great.

But the cap situation this year seems like they were all in LAST YEAR trying to win with that collection of talent on both sides of the ball . Brady wasn't that great and the team started to struggle against better talented teams . 4-4 in the second half means they were a .500 team after going undefeated the first half.

That's reality even with Brady. Next year is a bigger challenge for sure without Brady both on the field and in all the other roles that the QB does his leadership responsibilities. Yikes. It is the toughest job in sports . We shall see.
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