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Nov 29th

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English Patriot

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Please tell me you are listening to Steve Young drop SCIENCE right now. Nobody has done more with less lately, TOM IS NOT THE PROBLEM and no garbage time Garropolo TD is going to change that.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
I hope Brady demands to get traded to a team with real NFL players.

Way to go broke Tom Brady.
Can we get a first round pick from trading Brady? Unlikely based on the past four games. I will take a 2nd rounder


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Trent Dilfer the worst ring wearing QB in the history of our game insulted Brady and our team on national tv

As pissed off as I am with practically everyone involved in the New England Patriots organization tonight, I have never considered Trent Dilfer to be anything more than an insignificant blip that only crosses my mind when he's brought up. The Pats could lose by 60 pts, and I wouldn't give a **** about what he says. Besides, I'm sure that we as Pats fans have bigger problems to worry about than the mediots.


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If there is a silver lining, the ground game averaged 4.7 yard per rush.

Also, LaFell had over one hundred yards and a score.

Still, tough to beat any team when the collective performance is as bad as it was tonight, tough venue and all...


Bring in Weiss let Tyms and Boyce play get some speed on the field for God sakes sign Stephen Hill off Carolinas practice squad and pay a coach to night and day throw football's to Hill and take him to classes on how to catch a ball.
Shake it up.
Trade Admendola for a offensive or defensive lineman Let Josh Mcdaniels work with the receivers but let Weiss call the plays.
Trade Steven Ridley and sign a back with some serious speed.
Bench Ninkovich. Start Buchanon just deal with the growing pains kid has talent.
Cut Vellano now just do it good guy I'm sure Maybe even a great guy but mediocre player no business being on the field.
Move Ryan to Safety promote Butler.
Light a fire under this offenses ass whatever it takes.
Solder I think he needs s hug and some help no idea what is going on with him.
Bench Gronk let him heal get him back for the end of season stretch he is not near back to 100 percent.
Looks like 65 percent to me frickin Tamba Hali blanketed him.
Do run multiple formations plays with Vareen and White on the field where they take turns dropping in the flat.
Run Reverses even if it doesn't work make the defense guess a little.
involve Devlin in the run and pass game.
Stop Running Edelman on Deep posts Slants, crosses, screens even hand him the ball in the backfield but don't send him deep more than a few times a game to surprise defenses.
Dobson! We need this man get better soon! Sign Darick Rogers we need to bring in all the players who the defense has to respect speed wise.
This was a disgusting showing tonight.
I hope they have a funeral and bury the tape as a motivational move.
Still love my Patriots but changes need to come soon.
Too much to read but if I did I would probably agree.


Pro Bowl Player
Tom needs to show this team he is still the franchise he needs to take this team and have a meeting I don't know why they are so out of sync.
We need more speed on offense and a attitude we need to run with anger. Control the line of scrimmage and throw the ball using play action as well as mix up formations personal.
Its bad when I can tell what the Patriots are going to do every snap from my living room.

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Brady will retire. He said that he would retire when he sucks. Well he sucks now. I doubt that he will finish the season.

Bold prediction. Thus far he sucks this year. He really does. And I'm a koolaid drinker. Some solid o-line play for much of this game put it on display. But I don't think he's ready to say he sucks, period... What I can see happening is him not starting if this continues. The moving finger writes and having writ moves on.


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On the plus side, they have 6 whole days to get ready for the Bengals, one of the best teams in the league. Errr, make that 5 days, thanks NFL schedule makers.
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