The Official NFL Draft Thread - Day 1

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They'll be lots of ball skills back there now with McCourty/Bodden/Butler. We'll see what happens with Springs/Wilhite/Wheatley.

Pats still have plenty of picks -- and may not be through trading. Edge rushers are still on the board. Getting the right players is far more important than the order of positions picked. Bank on that.


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I like the pick. CB was a weakness. Wilhite is marginal and Wheatley is a bust.

I think its possible that the difference between McCourty and the 2nd tier of CB's is larger than the difference between the various pass rushers on the board.

I hate how people actually get passionate in their evaluations of drafts. People....NONE of you know jack sh!t. No fan does. Neither do most scouts for that matter.

Time will tell. Last year's draft appeared pretty good and hopefully this one will be as well.


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Oh well, Hughes to the Colts.

Would have preferred he went early in the 2nd to one of the bad teams rather than Indy.


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Some of our binkies are still out there. G. Tate - WR, OLB - Kindle, Sapp and Mosi.
Maybe a rb like Gerhart at 53. A couple of 3-4 de's - L.Houston and A.Jones.
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