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The man can You decide -- wilfork.

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Sep 12th

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Mike the Brit

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Not sure if he was getting his initial push with full power, but he can certainly get down for some leverage. That's some rehab programme he's on ... :)


Pro Bowl Player
Wilfork is looking thin, the thinnest I have seen him a long time. I knew he would put in the work and come in to camp in the best shape of his career.

If he plays at a high level this defense is going to be unbelievable.


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Vince knows what's up. Smoking >>Grilling

It's also looking like he's going to trigger that $300k weight clause this year.


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How can anyone deny the man a slab of ribs... Vince playing the man card today LOL.

No problem Vince you tie a few hogs so our younger skinny guys get lanes to the QB.


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He's smoking those ribs. Spraying apple juice (most likely) to keep it moist and add flavor.

Uncle Rico

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Awesome. Kudos to the headline writer for their article on this:
Vince Wilfork Has More Fun Cooking Ribs Than You Have Doing Anything

Funny, as I was watching Vince and that big slab of ribs, I was thinking about the Peter King article on Brady, where TFB talks about conditioning. Couldn't help wondering if Brady ever would eat something like that. The guy seems to have such disciplined conditioning and nutritional habits.


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I'm not sure that was actual dancing.
Looks like he really needed a urinal.
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