The 8 Worst Teams in 2020

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Oct 25th

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Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jaguars are betting favorites to pick #1 in the 2021 draft, and by all accounts, they should be.​
What was once a loaded defense is nothing but question marks now outside of Josh Allen. Minshew Mania faded quickly after a fun start, and now Gardner Minshew is just a mustachioed placeholder. You couldn’t name Jacksonville’s starting RB even if you play fantasy football.​
New York Jets
At least Jaguars fans (fan?) knew a reset was coming. Poor Jets fans backed into another rebuilding year when C.J. Mosley opted out and the team traded Jamal Adams. Suddenly the cornerstones of a once-promising defense are gone while, inexplicably, Adam Gase still roams the sidelines.​
The Jets might have the worst pass defense in the league, though they’ll helped by a division that’s opted out of quarterbacks. Adams was probably their best run and pass defender, and maybe their best pass rusher too.​
The offense doesn’t look as bleak but depends greatly on Sam Darnold, who didn’t “make out” (see what I did there?) too well his sophomore season.​