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Thank You Mr Kraft...

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Dec 12th
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Add me to the list of appreciative fans! I have had the honor of meeting Mr. Kraft - call my life small if you want, but it was very exciting :D I may have been a bit tongue tied, but he was very gracious. How do you adequately thank a man like that for all the joy he has brought we fans over the years?

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well I do what I can. ;)

Its amazing that anyone who rooted for this team prior to 1993 could ***** and moan not to mention call Kraft cheap. I guess that is what truly pisses me off. I understand the fans who think a position could upgraded or the team played like complete **** last week, but I can't understand a fan thinking that Kraft didn't spend to cap because he wanted to "Line his own pockets". Here is guy who gave Drew Bledsoe one of the richest contracts in the history of the NFL and he has openly admitted that if it weren't for BB he would have signed a lot of the fan favorites because he follows the team with as much emotion as we do. People need to understand that he is a FAN, a more controlled version of Mark Cuban, if you will.
History is taboo in many endeavors, most notably schools and Patriots' forums...
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