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ANNOUNCEMENT Supporter Feature: Thread Preview - (This has been fixed)


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On the thread preview function (click on the binocular icon to preview thread) - this was apparently broken after a recent update where when you changed the thread page, it cleared the block and wouldn't auto-scroll, you couldn't flip to the new page of posts, etc.

This is the feature I'm referring to:

No one brought it up, and I've been so busy working on the mute feature the last few nights that I hadn't noticed it was broken. However, this has just been fixed.
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One new update on this is the fact I also just added the icon to the top discussion bar, so now you can preview a thread from in here without having to jump to that forum:


Again, this was originally a mod function I created that I opened up to supporting members. So it's now working properly again and will make it a little easier to pop into threads up top going forward :)

H/T @Hyped @raduray

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