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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Super Bowl Game Day Pregame/Game Thread (Eagles vs Chiefs)

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Oct 1st


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
10 points doesn’t feel like enough does it? I’m curious about the severity of that injury to Pat
If they win, he'll be a Warrior like Roethlsberger.
If they lose, his leg will have been teh amputae pre-game.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Eagles have been the better team. But you need to come away with more than a 10 point lead. That scoop and score looms large now.


In the Starting Line-Up
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Looking like the decade of the NFC. Verge of 3rd straight.


Pro Bowl Player
Eagles Super Bowl has a big fat asterisk if Mahomes is unable to play or barely functionable.
The Chiefs are only in the Super Bowl because they needed non-stop ref assistance in addition to backups playing on the Bengals OL.

Injury luck (or lackthereof) on the opposing team is one thing, but ref assistance like the Chiefs have had is very asterisks worthy. But to your point... yea you can't deny the fortune of having to play an injured QB for 2 weeks in a row... 3 if you count Daniel Jones as a joke.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Hurts has been incredible on the brightest stage. The fumble was unfortunate but he's been the best player in this game by far.

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