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Sep 19th

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For those who have donated to support the site, I made a change that now allows you to relocate the top panel with the news links, pinned threads, etc. down to the bottom of the page when you're on desktop/tablet. However, on mobile, the additional pinned threads still remain but the headlines are moved down.

Open up the menu on the top left and if you're a supporting member, you'll see this block:

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Uncheck it:


If it worked, you'll see the above message and then when you refresh, the billboard will have relocated to the bottom of the page:


Obviously, this site is something that I maintain in my free time and I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has supported our little corner of the internet for these last 20-years. For those who would like to support the site and help out (which will make this available to you), you can go here:

Again, thank you all for helping make all of this possible and I'll continue trying to improve it and make it a little better. :)


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Bill Lee

What, me worry?
Nice feature, @Ian! I also like the cleaner text input area used for posts, the way you can turn preview mode on and off, etc.
  • Thanks!
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